Luke Rowe: It’s looking more likely that I’ll return to 100 per cent

30 Sep

Luke Rowe (Team Sky) is back in training after his horrific leg break but admits that it could be next year before he could be riding on the roads again.

For now the Team Sky rider is using Zwift to keep his fitness up, and along with underwater treadmills, rowing machines and daily physiotherapy, is slowing making his way back to full health. However, due to the seriousness of his accident that left him with 20 broken bones, he has no real timescale for a return to competition. In an exclusive interview with Cyclingnews, Rowe opens up about his rehab routine, the mental strains of a serious physical injury and how he’s taking his recovery one step at a time.

Rowe sustained a broken tibia and fibula on a white-water rafting accident while on his brother’s stag-do in August. He underwent an operation and has a metal rod holding his leg together. He can now pedal with one leg, while the other either rests on chair or soft pedals using a mountain-bike pedal, but his riding is confined to short and gentle in-door sessions.


“Initially you make these massive steps and you make massive improvements over a short period of time and then you get plateaus,” he tells Cyclingnews.

“At the moment everything is healing well and there’s no need for more operations. It seems to be going really well but then I looked at the scans from two days ago and I realised that the knee is still a mess. There are still some bones that need to heal but if you’d told me that I’d be at this point at the start of the operation, with this level of healing, I’d have taken it.”

“It was really horrific,” he says of the accident.

Having the right mentality

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