Arsenal fan likens Mauricio Pochettino’s Tottenham side to the ‘Invicibles’ under Arsene Wenger

28 Aug

Here’s something you don’t hear everyday – an Arsenal fan praising Tottenham. Actually, do you hear that ever?

And it’s not just praise Danny phoned talkSPORT to lavish on his club’s bitter north London rivals. No, he believes Mauricio Pochettino’s side excite fans in the same way the Arsenal side that went the 2003/04 Premier League season unbeaten.

Arsenal didn’t lose a Premier League game during the 2003/04 season

The club’s streak, which finished on 49 games without defeat, also saw them fail to score on only four occasions and Danny, who told talkSPORT he is in fact a Gooner, explained to the Sports Bar (weeknights from 10pm) he is very impressed by Tottenham after watching them beat Manchester United 3-0.

“[Saying that] doesn’t even stick in my throat,” he said. “These guys, they’ve not spent any money, they’ve got their job together during the summer, they’ve set out their stall properly, they are not scared of anyone, they’ve got World Cup-class players in their side and this is probably the best team, pound-for-pound in this country and in this league at the present moment.

“There’s something going on at Spurs that has reminded me of the 2004 Arsenal side. They are playing that kind of football that is exciting and it’s frightening to watch as an Arsenal fan.”

Asked by Jason Cundy and Andy Goldstein if he was seriously comparing Spurs to the Arsenal team known by fans as the ‘Invincibles’, Danny said: “When you watch the

‘Invincibles’ they were awesome, they were frightening, right?

“But Ithink at Spurs there’s an excitement running through that is not dissimilar to how they were stirring up the fans at Arsenal [in 2003/04]. Everytime they got the ball we were like, ‘what is going on here?’

“That is the sort of thing I’m talking about.”

Tottenham’s players celebrate during the 3-0 win against Man United