Tariff threats cloud car talk in Geneva

11 Mar

Key officials at German automakers warned that price hikes on American consumers will be unavoidable should President Donald Trump slap new tariffs on European cars.

Chastened VW seeks a greener supply chain

23 Feb

Marred by scandal, VW is turning over a new leaf, telling its suppliers that it will measure their environmental impact and social responsibility on a par with cost and quality.

VW regroups for EV era

18 Feb

VW assures its suppliers that it does not intend to launch a parts-making business to compete with them. Instead, the automaker is getting its own house in order to weather the transformation it is planning for itself.

VW’S Moia tests ride-sharing model

18 Feb

Volkswagen Group's mobility business, Moia, is set to test its ride-sharing service in Hamburg with electric passenger vans, beginning in April.