Tariff delay doesn’t ease Euro anxiety

16 Sep

German auto executives at the Frankfurt auto show warned of potential price hikes and production shifts to different markets as global trade tensions persist.

Europeans face EV crisis

15 Sep

Auto manufacturers used the Frankfurt show to make clear that EV product availability is only one factor, and customers must now complete the environmental equation by switching to the new technology.

VW’s ultimate authority had epic success and scandals

30 Aug

"Volkswagen, family, money -- in that order." That was the world according to engineer and entrepreneur Ferdinand Karl Piech, who ran VW as his own personal empire for decades. The brilliant but ruthless billionaire died Aug. 25 at age 82.

Porsche models recreate classic details

22 Jul

The luxury brand's fan base is hungering for the classic looks and details of decades past, and now the factory is offering them up in limited series.

Tariff threats cloud car talk in Geneva

11 Mar

Key officials at German automakers warned that price hikes on American consumers will be unavoidable should President Donald Trump slap new tariffs on European cars.

Chastened VW seeks a greener supply chain

23 Feb

Marred by scandal, VW is turning over a new leaf, telling its suppliers that it will measure their environmental impact and social responsibility on a par with cost and quality.