GM training center looks doomed

19 Oct

UAW leaders have agreed to close one of the training centers that the union formed with the Detroit 3 in the 1980s. It likely signals the end, or at least a major overhaul, of the other two as well.

GM hopes range, education boost EV sales

14 Oct
With the 2020 Bolt EV, Chevrolet says it has solved the electric vehicle range-price puzzle. But getting everyone who sells the car or may want to drive one to understand it remains a hurdle.

The guiding light, across 17 stores

14 Oct

As corporate controller, Marissa Hunt oversees compliance, accounting and human resources, but she also has a seat at the table as the LaFontaine Automotive Group hones its vision and considers acquisitions.

Recession hit, and she found another ‘family’

14 Oct

At just 5 years old, Nicole Welch, the daughter of a dealership general manager, was mesmerized by cars and numbers. When she visited her dad at work, she would pretend to crunch numbers. She's not pretending anymore.

Strike threatens GM pickup sales

6 Oct

The last GM pickup plant in North America that was still running during the UAW's strike had to shut down last week due to parts shortages, raising worries that some dealerships soon will start running low on the automaker's top selling vehicles.

A lengthy strike adds to ratification challenges

29 Sep

Getting new contracts ratified already looked like a bigger challenge than usual going into this year's talks. Now, workers will have to vote for a deal while considering whether all the time on the picket lines was worth it.

What UAW workers really want

22 Sep

Whether they have decades of experience on the assembly line or were hired only months ago, many workers who walked off the job at GM plants last week said they were striking for the same reasons.