Mitsubishi chief says 3 partners are stronger as 1

24 Jun
Mitsubishi's chairman defends his company's alliance with Nissan and Renault amid a barrage of shareholder skepticism, saying the carmaker needs the expertise and scale of its larger partners.

Ghosn lawyer doubts fair trial is possible

8 Apr

Now that Japanese prosecutors have taken Carlos Ghosn back to jail and confiscated his wife's cell phone, his attorney doubts the ousted Nissan chairman can get a fair trial.

Ghosn’s new legal team directs blame at Nissan

24 Feb

As Carlos Ghosn heads into his fourth month locked in a Japanese jail, his lawyers are turning the blame back at Nissan in a reinvigorated legal offensive. The new narrative: This case is "not normal."

Subaru strains under production pressure

11 Feb

Workers in Japan are pushed to the wall to crank out cars, while a rash of production hitches has slammed Subaru's reputation for quality. And the problems are slowly showing up in America.