Service lane can be an F&I shop, too

8 Jul

Leveraging social media and spiffing independent shops for referrals helped Nestor Alvarez sell 30 service contracts a month in the service lane of a Miami-area dealership.

Opioid crisis hits nonunion plants, too

8 Jul

The states where opioid abuse is most rampant are home to numerous nonunion auto plants. A number of those workplaces have policies to help workers with addiction.

Treating deadly opioid epidemic is a top concern for UAW

8 Jul

In the summer's contract talks, the union is seeking an expansion of employer-funded, union-administered assistance programs aimed at preventing the use of prescription painkillers from turning into harmful, long-term dependence.

Lenders worry about fake ID theft claims

24 Jun

A rash of auto customer complaints about identity theft last year followed widespread scheme to prompt lenders to remove legitimate trade lines from those customers' credit reports.

FTC data breach deal sets precedent

17 Jun

Social Security, driver's license and credit card numbers were siphoned out of a DMS provider's directories associated with five dealership clients in 2016. One legal expert says the settlement with the FTC may mark a sea change.

Dealers’ optimism faded a bit from last year

10 Jun

Dealers' optimistic view of the U.S. market waned last quarter amid softening new-vehicle sales and a mounting threat of tariffs. They remained optimistic about inventory levels, but as lease return volume comes down, their confidence will likely dim, a Cox Automotive survey says.

FTC, states ratchet up auto retail regulation

10 Jun

With leadership changes in the White House and at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, some dealers may have assumed that auto retail and finance regulation would scale back. It hasn't, lawyers and compliance experts warn.

Needed: Dealership compliance officers

9 Jun

For years, compliance consultants and lawyers have given this advice to dealerships: Appoint a compliance officer. Yet despite the numerous regulations auto retailers must consider, the compliance officer post is largely understaffed and unsolicited.