Wall Street lets Lyft skip profit step

8 Apr

Lyft, that hot-pink little rival to Uber, sold stock to the public late last month with a gobsmacking valuation of $22 billion. That's about two-thirds of the value of Ford Motor Co., which is very good at making money on pickups and SUVs. Lyft's profits? Stuck in reverse.

FCA thrives alone, but tie-up OK, too

11 Mar

CEO Mike Manley refused to rule out any deal that could make the Italian-American company better, and a French rival reportedly sees FCA as a possible partner.

Kia sees big opportunity in utilities

4 Feb

The new Telluride and the X-Line version of the Soul should give Kia a better shot at the booming utility market, while also boosting dealers, said Bill Peffer, vice president of sales operations for Kia Motors America.