In Europe, a storm is brewing

27 May

The number of Spaniards under 35 with driver's licenses dropped by half in a decade. That's just one of the many challenges facing a European auto industry in "survival" mode.

Numbers we needed to hear

20 May

A top female executive at Ford came to Toyota's headquarters in Dallas with a message for the industry: "Women are underrepresented."

The retail Game of Unknowns

13 May

As U.S. auto sales continue to decline, would-be buyers of auto dealerships are showing less of an appetite for making big deals.

Smart wises up in America

6 May

The death of Daimler's Smart brand in North America last week is a lesson in timing and mission, an example of a brand unable to gain traction in a market where it was just too small.

New chapter, new challenge for Jose Munoz

22 Apr

Jose Munoz comes to Hyundai with a reputation for being the architect of Nissan's brand-destroying stair-step incentives. He has a lot to prove to his new dealers.

Prepare for a rough ride ahead

8 Apr

Beneath the mixed U.S. auto sales results for March is an underlying current of uncertainty and downright trepidation.