Raising 2 Kids (and 60 Dogs) in Rural America

9 Mar

Photo Gallery: Raising 2 Kids (and 60 Dogs) in Rural America

Although the Frekings don’t have favorites when it comes to their beloved huskies, Blake Freking considers Eagle to be his “hero” as Eagle has been instrumental in helping Blake cross the finish line in many races.
The Frekings own and operate Manitou Crossing Kennels, where they house and care for more than 60 purebred Siberian Huskies.
The Frekings are dedicated preserving the Siberian Husky breed and spend time traveling and educating fellow mushers on the topic. Here, a team of six dogs takes a practice run.
Focused and ready, Blake Freking prepares for a practice run.
Beauty at every turn is accented with snow and ice.
Siberian Silhouette - a lone husky greets the day.
Blake and Jennifer both recently competed in the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon where they took first and second place. Aside from pursuing their passion and raising two little girls, they both have full time jobs (Blake as an engineer for the US Forest Services and Jennifer as a veterinarian in Ely, MN).
Blake Freking takes time to interact and engage with all the huskies. It is incredible to witness the connection the Frekings have with each dog.
A frosty, serene landscape frames an iconic moment during the Gunflint Mail Run Sled Dog Race.
Eagle and Agex leading the pack.
Blake Freking returning from a practice run with a team of 12 huskies. During training season the Frekings have practice every morning and evening to ensure their huskies are fully prepared for upcoming races.
Anya looking out at the snow covered trees that surround the Frekings' home.
The colorful wall of honor dedicated to the huskies of the past.
Nothing better than a husky’s howl to start your day. More information about the Frekings and their kennel can be found here: http://www.racingsiberians.com.