EVs steal the show in Frankfurt

9 Sep

While there are lots of gas-powered cars and high performance vehicles to choose from, electric is taking center stage at the German motor show.

Piech left a large legacy

30 Aug

The world lost one of the very few great product planners when Ferdinand Piech died last week at 82.

Buy, sell or hold your store?

26 Aug

Dealers face confusing choices in these volatile times in the automotive industry, but may be wise to stay the course with their businesses for now.

When is enough, enough?

19 Aug

Politicians and the auto industry should put the brakes on in their race toward electrification.

Will VW’s diesel scandal ever end?

12 Aug

The scheme to outfox emissions rules for vehicles with diesel engines has become a seemingly endless legal battle and public relations disaster.

Is Fed rate cut good or bad?

5 Aug

The Federal Reserve's recent interest rate cut means lower costs for automakers, dealers and consumers; but it's a sign the economy is slowing.

Be patient for new technology

29 Jul

Automotive News Editor-In-Chief Keith Crain says it may be decades before these vehicles are on the road in large numbers.

Larger than life, Iacocca was one of a kind

8 Jul

Lee Iacocca was someone special. I knew him for four or five decades and I was fascinated the entire time. There have been a lot of interesting folks along the way but no one quite like Lee.