Krystle Wright Captures the Magic of the Ocean

12 Mar

Photo Gallery: Krystle Wright Captures the Magic of the Ocean

“It’s amazing how the water color changes between the different oceans,” Wright says. She photographed these sperm whales while diving in Portugal’s Azores. “The Atlantic Ocean is so rich and blue.”
“I’ve always been fascinated by the bird’s-eye view,” says Wright, who took this 2011 photo of a kitesurfer off the coast of Australia’s Eagle Island, on the Great Barrier Reef. “On the trip, I’d shot at water level and I’d shot underneath. So I thought, Why not go up the mast and try something different?”
“I feel like any time of day is beautiful to shoot in the water,” says Wright. She captured this surfer on Queens­land’s Gold Coast after sunrise. “Shooting on the east coast of Aus­tralia in the morning, it’s always going to be backlit.”