Inventory dips as summer wanes

16 Sep

Estimated automotive inventories have fallen for the second consecutive month as dealers continue to sell off existing stocks while automakers work through the end of their traditional summer production shutdowns and model-year changeovers.

Toyota’s SmartPath to online retailing

16 Sep

Toyota and Lexus dealers from across the U.S. had their first in-depth look last week at a fundamentally different way to retail automobiles — one that may eventually allow customers to purchase, finance and schedule service all from the comfort of their own computer.

VW trimming cars, adding EVs

16 Sep

The brand may be late to join the industry's move away from small cars toward light trucks, but its pace is accelerating.

Mazda finance deal might lead to more for TFS

2 Sep

Toyota Financial Services' expansion into the service of a competitor — in this case, Mazda Motor of America Inc. — might be more of a "first of many" rather than a "one and done."

Empire builder’s legacy tainted by a dirty secret

30 Aug

Ferdinand Piech's accomplishments as an engineer and executive should be celebrated for their lasting impact on the industry. But those accomplishments are tarnished on balance by the knowledge of what else occurred under his ever watchful eye.

Land Cruiser’s long ride almost over?

26 Aug

Toyota's luxury off-roader nameplate has been in the U.S for more than 60 years, but a journalist says the current generation may be the last in the market.