Growing use of temps irks UAW

15 Jul

Adding temporary workers is one of the levers automakers have to help curb labor costs, but the UAW says positions should be filled on a permanent basis.

Growth in mind, exec goes from #1 group to #99

1 Jul
Lance Iserman spent 18 years at the biggest U.S. dealership group. Now he's heading Minnesota retailer Morrie's Automotive Group, which is poised for growth, potentially to other states and with new brands.

Sonic to bring Mini to BMW stores

29 Jun

The nation's fifth-largest dealership group is believed to be among the first companies to integrate Mini sales into a BMW dealership after BMW of North America last year gave its Mini retailers who also had BMW stores that option.

Groups promote F&I compliance policy

10 Jun

The National Automobile Dealers Association in conjunction with the National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers and American International Automobile Dealers Association have launched an optional policy that dealerships can use and adopt to help ensure compliance when selling voluntary protection or finance and insurance products.