Downturn looms as UAW talks start up

14 Jul

Despite an economy that's gotten healthier since the previous few rounds of contract talks, the scene is set for this year's negotiations to be more daunting as both sides stubbornly dig in their heels.

Big Ford trucks ready to play in mud

1 Jul

The addition of the Tremor to the Super Duty lineup is meant to capture cash that customers would otherwise spend on aftermarket add-ons.

Dual-clutch gearbox complaints haunt Ford

1 Jul

Former CEO Mark Fields has been ordered to testify in a lawsuit over small-car transmissions that thousands of customers complained would shudder, jerk and hesitate.

Ford-VW could rank among AV leaders

24 Jun

VW CEO Herbert Diess this month confirmed the two sides are nearing a deal on robocar development. The partnership is likely to include an investment in Ford affiliate Argo AI.

Product blitz to test Ford quality gains

23 Jun

A renewed focus on improving internal processes helped bring the Ford brand to a third-straight top-five finish in this year's J.D. Power IQS rankings. Can it maintain that level?

Ford expands AV testing to Detroit

17 Jun

The automaker, along with its autonomous vehicle development partner Argo AI, also tests in Pittsburgh, Miami, Washington and Palo Alto, Calif.

Ford suits show ?fine line’ in patent cases

17 Jun
Ford, which teaches engineers to "copy with pride" when they see someone else has a better solution, faces several allegations of intellectual-property theft but says it has done nothing wrong.