Braving the Polar Vortex on the Ice of Lake Michigan

1 Feb

Photo Gallery: Braving the Polar Vortex on the Ice of Lake Michigan

When Patrick Ozner, 28, of Chicago, Illinois, booked a split boarding trip to Montana for the fourth year in a row, he knew he needed to get in some training for the enduring vert he would face. Living in Chicago isn't necessarily the best place to train for the mountains, especially when there’s a polar vortex with temperatures ranging anywhere from -20 to -50 degrees Fahrenheit. But some cold weather wasn't going to stop him. He strapped up along the lakefront and made his way around the shoreline.
Ozner treks out in fresh snow at 63rd Street Beach, Chicago.
Ozner explores the frozen pier at 31st Street Beach, where there’s still some open water here despite the frigid air temps. The water sits at about 33 degrees.
At 31st Street Beach, the trees take on ice from the freezing spray of wind and waves of Lake Michigan.
He navigates the channels of 63rd Street Beach, covered in ice ball formations that were pushed in from Lake Michigan.
Ozner makes his way around Montrose Beach on the north side with a view of the skyline.
Ozner takes a closer look at the incoming ice on the lake at 63rd Street Beach before continuing south along the frozen lake.