Europe’s small cars an endangered species

22 Jun

Looming European emission rules may price small cars out of the market in Europe, and they're sending automakers back to the drawing board for a surprising segment of their product portfolios.

Ford slots Puma under Kuga in Europe

8 Apr

Ford will launch its Puma crossover in Europe late this year. The vehicle has sporty styling and is designed to appeal to customers who want a less utilitarian small utility, the automaker said.

Geneva’s jewels and junk

10 Mar

Euro-writer Nick Gibbs traipses the show floor to sort the delectable from the dull and the plain cuckoo.

Will the Japanese stage their own Brexit?

25 Feb
Japan's Big 3 have long counted on the UK as the base of their European production strategies. But observers believe the coming of Brexit could untie the knot for the Japanese.

Geneva: Mad mix of supercars, EVs

24 Feb

Also remarkable is the list of no-shows, the longest in recent history for an event once considered unmissable on the European calendar.