Taking flight from an automotive cradle

15 Jul
Detroit startup Airspace Experience Technologies is creating the Mobi-One, an electric vertical takeoff-and-landing aircraft capable of carrying cargo and passengers. Like the industry it's trying to help create, the aircraft doesn't yet exist.

New technologies called ?profit deserts’

1 Jul

Automakers will pump about $225 billion into electrification over the next four years, and another $85 billion in autonomous driving technology through 2025, says Alix Partners.

Do AVs really drive safer than humans?

22 Jun

A patent application details a way to determine the safety-related performance of autonomous vehicles, then benchmarks the performance against that of human-driven autos on the same stretches of road.

Industry sees threat to connected-car plans

17 Jun

Traffic safety advocates and transportation leaders are trying to protect a swath of the wireless spectrum for the auto industry in an effort to help vehicles in the connected-car future exchange safety messages and avoid crashes.

Aurora prizes independence in AV world

17 Jun

After its breakup with VW, Aurora began a fresh pairing with FCA, and VW apparently moved closer to a new tie-up with Ford that could reshape the autonomous-vehicle landscape.