Exec warns of too much public road AV testing

19 Aug

Robbie Miller says auto and tech companies testing self-driving technology are causing crashes at rates higher than human drivers and endangering motorists and pedestrians.

Where Fla. can prove its AV chops

12 Aug
Companies and other groups looking to further probe the limits of their self-driving technology have a dedicated proving ground in The Sunshine State.

Congress is ready to try again on AV legislation

10 Aug

House and Senate leaders are seeking input from a broad swath of stakeholders to help formulate a self-driving vehicle bill that addresses everything from access for people with disabilities to cybersecurity concerns.

Startup prepares for production of lidar at scale

29 Jul
After years of building lidar units for r&d platforms, Luminar has unveiled its first sensors, called Iris, tailored for series production. The units combine sensing and perception software on a single platform.

How safe do self-driving vehicles need to be?

28 Jul

Defining what may be acceptable in the realm of automotive safety remains an arduous task that cuts across areas such as technical, legal, regulatory, cultural and perhaps even medical.