All Elite Wrestling star Cody Rhodes requires 12 staples in his head after taking unprotected chair shot from Shawn Spears at Fyter Fest

30 Jun

All Elite Wrestling star Cody Rhodes was taken to hospital after being left bloodied following an unprotected chair shot to the head.

It opened up a considerable gash on the back of his head and, after being helped out of the ring, needed 12 stitches to shut.

Cody Rhodes was hit by an unprotected chair shot
All Elite Wrestling

After wrestling to an time-limit draw with  Darby Allin at Fyter Fest on Saturday evening, Shawn Spears, formerly Tye Dillinger of WWE, stepped into the ring and struck Rhodes over the head with a chair.

AEW’s owner Tony Khan issued a statement after the match and suggested it was a case of bad luck which left the son of Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes incapacitated.

“It’s obviously really regrettable what happened,” stated Khan, per Cageside Seats.

“I don’t know if this is the time to go into detail about what happened but we had taken precautions in this situation, in that specific situation, and a doctor was available.

Replays show the sickening moment of impact on Rhodes’ skull
All Elite Wrestling

“Cody does not have a concussion – he has staples – and we’re all very grateful for that.

”All I’m going to say to you guys on it right now, and I will talk about it more in detail, but you could build the safest airplane in the world and if there’s pilot error there’s pilot error. That was not good.”

Head shots with weapons are extinct from virtually all wrestling promotions, with the WWE banning chair shots to the head in January 2010, following an amendment in the Talent Wellness Program.

Several former wrestlers have been diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), such as Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka, Balls Mahoney and more recently Andrew ‘Test’ Martin.


An autopsy on Chris Benoit by neurosurgeons discovered a multitude of concussions was a hugely contributing factor to his double-murder and suicide.

The Canadian’s brain was said to have resembled that of ‘an 85-year-old’s with Alzheimer’s’ according to several doctors. Benoit was one of the only superstars to regularly take chair shots to the back of the head.

WWE gossip column: Braun Strowman working injured, Tony Khan on ‘regrettable’ AEW Fyter Fest botch

30 Jun

With AEW Fyter Fest in the books, WWE have the chance to impress with this week’s Raw and SmackDown Live shows.

There is a first-time ever match planned for Raw as we edge closer to Extreme Rules.

Cody Rhodes was hit by an unprotected chair shot at AEW Fyter Fest
All Elite Wrestling

Below, talkSPORT give you the latest gossip and rumours from the wrestling world.

Braun Strowman hurt

The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer says Strowman is currently working injured.

The Monster Among Men is believed to be suffering from a suspected knee problem.

Despite his injury fears, Strowman is set to take on Bobby Lashley in a Falls Count Anywhere match on Raw this week.

Tony Khan on ‘regrettable’ chair botch at Fyter Fest

After a gruelling 20-minute match with Darby Allin, Cody Rhodes took an unprotected chair shot to the head from Shawn Spears.

The impact saw blood pour from Rhodes’ head as he had to be carried backstage.

AEW president Khan confirmed the former WWE star had not suffered a concussion.

He said: “Obviously, it was really regrettable what happened.

“I don’t know if this is the time to go into what happened.

“We had taken precautions in that specific situation and a doctor was available and Cody does not have a concussion, and he has staples and we’re all very grateful for that.”

A never seen before match to take place on Raw

On Saturday, WWE announced The New Day will face the Viking Raiders in a first-time ever bout.

The Viking Raiders have been booked strongly since being called up to the main roster and are bound to have a title run in the future.

A win over The New Day would only enhance their growing reputation.