WWE star Becky Lynch accidentally gives Ronda Rousey very real nasty cut with a crutch at the Elimination Chamber

18 Feb

Ronda Rousey’s match with Ruby Riott for the Raw Women’s Championship at Elimination Chamber was nothing to write home about.

The UFC Hall of Famer squashed the leader of the Riott Squad in a matter of minutes, but it’s what happened after the match that is worth paying attention to.

Ronda Rousey is still unbeaten in the WWE

Charlotte Flair was already at ringside to check out her WWE WrestleMania 35 opponent first-hand and she made her way into the ring after Rousey’s submission win.

Becky Lynch would then make her way through the crowd – despite being kayfabe suspended – and enter the ring on crutches.

The Man proceeded to wear Charlotte out with one of her crutches and after getting several shots in, she handed Rousey the other crutch to get some licks in too.

Ronda Rousey looks on as Becky Lynch destroys Charlotte

Just as Rousey looked to have taken the chance, Lynch took the other crutch and began beating Rousey with it.

However, as you can see by the picture below, Lynch went a little too hard on the crutch shots and opened Rousey up.

Ronda Rousey got cut open the hard way at the hands of Becky Lynch

The gash on Rousey’s head shows how dangerous wrestling can be when weapons are involved. After all, there’s no nice way to take a crutch to the head.

Rousey is currently scheduled to face Flair at WrestleMania 35 in April but everyone knows sooner or later, Lynch is going to be added to that match as well.

And that match just got an extra little bit of spice.

Sasha Banks and Bayley make history by becoming first-ever WWE Women’s Tag Team champions at Elimination Chamber

18 Feb

Sasha Banks and Bayley are your first-ever WWE Women’s Tag team champions after capturing the belts inside the Elimination Chamber at the titular event.

As six teams vied to make history in Houston on Sunday night, The Boss N’ Hug Connection – as Bayley and Sasha are collectively known – had long been the favourites with the bookies.

Sasha Banks and Bayley moments after they won the Women’s Tag Team titles

They defeated Naomi and Carmella (Fabolous Glow), Nia Jax and Tamina, The Riott Squad, The IIconics and finally, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville (Fire and Desire).

Although the match had some botched spots in it, the climax of the contest saw Banks overcome the former Absolution members to win the straps after Bayley got hurt.

Of course, in recent weeks, Bayley has been doing the heavy lifting for Bank with her injury, so it was a nice bit of storytelling.

This is a landmark day for the women’s tag team division and is just the latest in a long line of first over the past few years.

As for Banks and Bayley, rumours of a showdown with Trish Stratus and Lita for the tag team titles at WrestleMania 35 persist.

When they inevitably lose the titles – whenever that is – the ready-made feud between them is something fans have waited for a long time now, too.

WWE Gossip Column: Big change to Elimination Chamber WWE title match, What happened when Raw went off the air and all of today’s top news

12 Feb

Hot on the heels of a Monday Night Raw that has suggested that Becky Lynch will not compete against Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania, the WWE is trying to build steam.

Let’s dive into the rumours that surround the wrestling business right now:

Vince McMahon is the key decision-maker for the WWE
Vince McMahon is the key decision-maker for the WWE

AEW schedule

WrestleTalk.com is reporting from a ‘very close source’ that AEW has a rough outline for 2019 in place.

Following the Double or Nothing show on May 25, AEW plans to:

– June 2019 – Unspecified show (believed to be in USA)
– July 2019 – Unnamed show in Jacksonville, Florida with a portion of the proceeds going to anti-gun crime charities
– August 2019 – Royal Albert Hall, London, England (almost a year on from the WWE returning there)
– September 2019 – All Out – the official sequel to All In and the full launch of the brand prior to TV tapings commencing.

Mustafa Ali to be pulled from the Elimination Chamber match

There’s no doubt that Mustafa Ali is one of the fastest rising stars in the WWE and participating in the WWE title match inside the Elimination Chamber would be his biggest match yet.

However, according to Fightful.com, Ali is going to be pulled from the match on tonight’s episode of SmackDown. With a bruised tailbone from the Royal Rumble and a badly swollen eye from last week, WWE don’t want to take the risk. Ali is understood to be lobbying to remain in the match, but on death ears.

Mustafa Ali is the first cruiserweight to really break through onto the main roster from 205 Live

Seth Rollins out for at least a month

While WWE is continuing to tell the story between Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar, there is definite concern about Rollins’ health heading into WrestleMania.

The Architect has been given a month off in-ring action by the WWE and with Fastlane on March 10, that seems like a realistic return date.

Seth Rollins is the favourite to win the 2019 Royal Rumble
Seth Rollins is heading to WrestleMania 35 to face Brock Lesnar

What happened when Raw went off the air?

Following the announcement that Becky Lynch would be replaced with Charlotte Flair against Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 35, for some reason, Lynch and Rousey ended up teaming up against the Riott Squad in a little skirmish.

Of course, Rousey faces Riott at the Elimination Chamber, but why would Riott Squad attack both of them? Wouldn’t they attack Rousey and Lynch probably join in or watch? And then Lynch and Rousey worked together… All a bit weird.

Lana and Rusev have been removed from Total Divas

As one of the premier real-life couples in WWE, one would think that Rusev and Lana would be mainstays on Total Divas, but apparently not. The couple have been removed from the show moving forward.

Speaking on Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast, Lana revealed: “Kevin Dunn told me that E! Executives took a poll and that we are strongly disliked by the demographic, they do not like us and that I’m hated, we’re hated, and that the E! Executives thought that are stories were very slapstick, and they were a strong no.”

WWE gossip column: WWE working with Netflix, Elimination Chamber spoilers and all of today’s top news

11 Feb

WWE Elimination Chamber is this Sunday and tickets for All Elite Wrestling’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view go on presale tomorrow (Tuesday, February 12).

With a big week in wrestling ahead, let’s dive into the rumours:

Vince McMahon & Triple H with Stephanie McMahon all run WWE

Elimination Chamber spoilers

There is guaranteed to be some new champions at the Elimination Chamber with the new Women’s Tag Team titles being introduced and the tandem of Bayley and Sasha Banks are the favourites to walk away with the belts.

However, according to Cageside Seats, that’s the only title change expected for the pay-per-view. The likes of Daniel Bryan, Ronda Rousey and Bobby Lashley will retain.

WWE and Netflix?

PW Insider is reporting that WWE studios are working on producing family-friendly movies in conjunction with Netflix and the films will be released by the streaming kings.

Netflix has 139 million subscribers globally and continues to grow with 9 million new subscribers in the final three months of 2018.

Tye Dillinger tried to return to NXT

Tye Dillinger finally made his return to action on Saturday night after a long injury layoff, but the Perfect 10 hasn’t been used much on SmackDown Live TV over the last 12 months regardless.

A fan asked Dillinger why he didn’t go back to NXT where he was at the height of his popularity, and the Canadian revealed he has tried that.

Dean Ambrose Vs Nia Jax off

Heads turned over the weekend when Dean Ambrose and Nia Jax were advertised as having a match on February 22 at a WWE live event in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

POSTwrestling.com say they have spoken to a WWE official who has told them the leaked ad is old and in actual fact, that match is not happening.

Dean Ambrose facing off with Nia Jax on RAW

Kenny Omega’s New Japan plans had he stayed

Kenny Omega has now taken up his position as an executive with All Elite Wrestling, but if he had stayed with the company he would have defeated Tanahashi at Wrestle Kingdom 13.

However, he would have lost the title to Okada at the Madison Square Garden show during WrestleMania weekend.

Kenny Omega was announced as AEW’s latest signing in Las Vegas

Look: WWE star Mustafa Ali gets brutal and very real black eye at the hands of Randy Orton on SmackDown Live

6 Feb

Mustafa Ali has made quite the splash in the WWE recently after becoming the first man to really translate from the 205 Live roster to one of the main roster shows.

However, for all his high flying, entertaining antics, he still had to suffer a timely reminder during SmackDown that wrestling might be scripted, but the hits aren’t always fake.

Mustafa Ali with his patented LED mask entrance

32-year-old Ali had a match with Randy Orton on the show and despite being in the ring with a 14-time world champion and 17-year veteran of WWE, mistakes do still happen.

During a routine stomp, Orton caught Ali flush in the eye and caused a huge black eye that the man of Pakistani and Indian heritage proudly showed off after.

Instagram Photo

Just to show how tough he is, Ali also appeared at the end of the show as all of the Elimination Chamber participants bar AJ Styles got physical at the end of SmackDown Live.

Ali is set for his first real flirt with the WWE title when he takes his place alongside Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan, Jeff Hardy, Orton and Styles inside the Elimination Chamber in 10 days time.

The cruiserweight has stolen the show on numerous occasions as part of the 205 Live crew and made a real name for himself in that division.

Mustafa Ali is the first cruiserweight to really break through onto the main roster from 205 Live

Breaking through into the title picture on Tuesday nights, however, remote his chances of winning actually are, is a testament to the quality work he has put in over the last year and beyond.

If he doesn’t win the belt, he certainly has a trophy under his eye right now.