My History Fight: Dillian Whyte vs Evander Holyfield

19 Jul

If Dillian Whyte could step in the ring with one past fighter from any era, it’d be Evander Holyfield.

The heavyweight contender, perennially on the verge of a world title fight, fantasised about a clash against a two-weight undisputed champion when asked by about his ‘History Fight’.

Dillian Whyte would have loved to have fought Evander Holyfield

“I’d love to fight Evander Holyfield,” Whyte responded with barely a moment’s hesitation, as if he’d envisaged the scenario before.

“He was so tenacious. He had everything man, heart, speed, power, movement.

“It’d have been good just to test myself to see where I’d have been against someone like that, you know.”

Holyfield held all the belts in boxing’s top two divisions

After controversially only winning bronze at the 1984 Olympics, Holyfield turned professional and began his career as a cruiserweight.

Within 12 fights he was world champion and within 18 fights he’d collected all of the major titles to become the undisputed king.

Despite public scepticism about the move, he then opted to jump up to heavyweight and, in his seventh fight in the division, knocked out Mike Tyson’s conqueror Buster Douglas to become undisputed champion once again.

Holyfield did lose fights during his prime, but proved he was the ‘Real Deal’ by winning back titles on multiple occasions – making him the only four-time heavyweight champion in history.

He remarkably continued fighting on until 2011 with his last bout coming at the age of 48.

Whyte is yet to fight for the heavyweight title

When asked how a meeting between them would play out, Whyte replied: “If I fought him when he was 48, I would kill him!

“I don’t know my best yet so it’s hard to say, I don’t think I’ve hit my best yet.

“I keep improving, I haven’t peaked, then plateaued, then dived off a cliff.

“I keep climbing my whole career. If you look, I just get better and better and better.

“Physically, mentally and boxing wise, so I don’t know where my best is yet.”

Evander Holyfield had three epic fights with Riddick Bowe

Holyfield’s most famous fights came when he twice took on Mike Tyson and three times faced Riddick Bowe.

Against Tyson, he won their long-awaited first bout by knockout and then secured a victory in the rematch by virtue of his rival’s infamous ear bite disqualification.

Against Bowe, Holyfield suffered his first defeat by decision, but earned revenge in a rematch before then being knocked out in their third contest.

This trilogy goes down as one of the most thrilling in boxing history, with the ‘Real Deal’ also sharing astonishingly entertaining fights with Dwight Muhammad Qawi and Michael Moorer.

Evander Holyfield knocked out Mike Tyson

Whyte has been known to have some back-and-forth heavyweight tear-ups himself, most notably in his two wars with Derek Chisora, as well as entertaining clashes with Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker.

Considering a style match-up with Holyfield, the 31-year-old concluded: “It’d be great because we’re both quite offensive fighters, it’d be crazy.

“It’d be like a Holyfield vs Michael Moorer sort of thing, it’d be like that.”

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Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight in the world and would BEAT Anthony Joshua, says Evander Holyfield

25 Feb

Deontay Wilder would beat Anthony Joshua if the two heavyweights ever fought, according to boxing legend Evander Holyfield.

Holyfield claimed Wilder, the WBC champ, is a more dangerous fighter than his heavyweight rival, even though Joshua holds the WBA, IBF and WBO belts.

Wilder is seen as the boxer with the hardest punch currently in the sport

Speaking to TMZ Sports, former cruiserweight and heavyweight champion Holyfield said it was his compatriot’s speed and power which gives him the edge over AJ.

Holyfield said: “All of them are good. With me personally, I think it’s Deontay [Wilder]– regardless of the last fight with Fury.

“When you knock a guy down like that, and he’s down for four seconds – they usually stop it.

Holyfield believes Wilder would be too good for Joshua

“They don’t wait for the guy to get up.

“I think Deontay [is the best at heavyweight], but I think skill-wise I can say Anthony Joshua, but he won’t fight [the best].

“Until you fight somebody it don’t really make a difference.

“Deontay stand a chance to beat any of them guys, because he got the knockout power and he’s quicker than a lot of guys think he is. He gets better in each and every fight.”

The Bronze Bomber looked set for a rematch with Tyson Fury, after the pair fought a controversial draw in December, with the Gypsy King unfortunate not to win the fight.

However, the rematch looked to be in limbo when Fury signed an £80million deal with American promoter Bob Arum and ESPN – who are rivals to Showtime, Wilder’s regular broadcaster.

But Wilder says he is a free agent and thus open to fighting Fury on ESPN and Top Rank chief Arum reportedly sent an offer to the American.

Shelly Finkel, The Bronze Bomber’s co-manager, revealed he has received the offer to fight Fury, and will review the deal in place.

Evander Holyfield questions Tyson Fury decision to discuss weight loss and sobriety in build-up to Deontay Wilder fight

2 Feb

Heavyweight boxing legend Evander Holyfield has questioned Tyson Fury’s decision to use his comeback story to gain favour in the build-up to his title fight with Deontay Wilder.

The Brit was plagued by mental health issues, which led to him piling on the pounds and he regularly took drugs in 2016/17, before then turning his life around and coming back on a quest to regain the world title.

Evander Holyfield was undisputed cruiserweight champion, then moved up to win titles at heavyweight

Fury has become an advocate for mental health awareness and discussed his issues as a large part of his comeback story prior to the Wilder bout.

However, the ‘Real Deal’ believes issues such as weight gain and drug taking – which he says Tyson brought on himself – shouldn’t have been discussed.

When asked if he appreciated Fury’s story, taking into account his own tough times in life, Holyfield told talkSPORT’s Will Gavin and Olly Hunter: “I appreciate everything he’s done, but life is about – ‘If I do it to me, I did it to myself.’

Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury was declared a draw, talks are ongoing for a rematch

“Meaning that, ‘If I got heavy, then I got heavy myself. If I got on drugs, then I got on drugs myself.’

“That you don’t bring that part into anything to make anybody feel special for you, that’s what he chose to do.

“We were born our colour, you were born your colour, can’t change that. But the things that you choose to do, these are things you chose to do.”

Despite disagreeing with some of Fury’s pre-fight talk, Holyfield had no shortage of praise for the 30-year-old’s performance inside the ring.

“He did lose a lot of weight,” Holyfield continued, “It was amazing because he was jumping around the whole fight.

“It was amazing how great a shape he was in. He was in great shape and he fought good.

“He did everything that he’s supposed to do and that’s the reason I went to the fight.”