Former Brighton and Sunderland boss Gus Poyet suspended by Bordeaux after extraordinary attack on club’s owners

17 Aug

Gus Poyet has been suspended for a week by Bordeaux after labelling the club’s owners a ‘disgrace’ in an extraordinary rant.

Just hours before his side beat FC Maioupoul 2-1 to reach the Europa League play-offs on Thursday, the former Chelsea and Tottenham midfielder vented his anger at the sale of striker Gaetan Laborde to Montpellier.

Bordeaux have sacked Poyet after his comments

He threatened to quit after claiming he was not informed of the move and only found out when his squad was assembled on the morning of the game.

When the press officer said ‘we will stop there’ following a question about Laborde, Poyet interjected: ‘I decide when we stop. Only I decide.’

The former Brighton and Sunderland manager then said: “No I am not happy, it is one of my worst days at the club. What the club have done with Laborde is a disgrace.”

He added: “I told the club not to let him leave until we had bought someone else. They have not recruited and they let Laborde go. I arrived at 11.35am. Laborde was not here. He was in Montpellier. Nobody told me anything.

Poyet was angry with Laborde’s move to Montpellier

“I want to talk to my agent and I am going to make a decision. I don’t know how this is going to finish. Do I have the desire to continue? No. They have done that against me, against the players and the supporters.

“I need an explanation from the club: from the owner or the president. They are going to explain to me tomorrow (Friday) and we will see if I carry on or not. Am I going to resign? I don’t know.”

Bordeaux president Stephane Martin has now told Poyet to stay away from the club for a week as he decides whether to sack the former Brighton and Sunderland boss.

Martin said: “We think he overstepped the mark in Thursday’s post-match press conference so the club took this decision.

“The start of the transfer window brought some tension. But it is a surprise after a win to have such a violent outburst, so we took the action that, in my opinion, had to be taken.

“There was behaviour where he thought he was the boss of the club. That’s not the case – I’m the boss at the club with the owners and the shareholders.”

The Bordeaux president claims Poyet was kept informed

He added: “Everyone is free to do what they want. If he wants to resign, we will discuss it with him.

“But I have difficulties in understanding this. He was kept up to date with everything. I am quite surprised with such an impulsive reaction over the departure of a player which had been anticipated for some time. It is maybe a context.”