Rangers news: Charlton manager Lee Bowyer says ‘players go to Scotland to retire’ and says Joe Aribo should have joined Brentford instead

27 Jun

Charlton Athletic manager Lee Bowyer believes Joe Aribo has made a huge mistake by the leaving the Championship club to join Rangers.

The 22-year-old midfielder’s move to Glasgow was confirmed on Thursday afternoon, but Bowyer believes the player should have stayed in England and signed for Brentford, who were also chasing his signature.

Bowyer hit the headlines north of the border earlier this week when he slammed Aribo and his agent for agreeing a move to Ibrox – saying a move to Scotland, where ‘players go to retire’, is the wrong move for his career.

Joe Aribo played 39 games in Charlton’s promotion-winning season from League One

Those remarks outraged former Rangers striker Kris Boyd, who joined talkSPORT on Thursday morning to respond to the Addicks boss.

“The disrespect to Scottish football, and two of the biggest organisations in world football in Rangers and Celtic,” said the ex-Scotland international.

“I can’t work out why someone, who two weeks ago was leaving his club, is now all of a sudden appeared back and is having a go at other teams.

“If Joe wants to move on to further his career then so be it.

“I can’t quite work out why you’d want to be so disrespectful to Rangers or Celtic because, I’ll tell you one thing, if Lee Bowyer was offered the Rangers or Celtic job he would jump at the chance to take it.”

talkSPORT host Jim White then offered Bowyer the right to reply and clarify his comments, and the Charlton boss insisted he meant no disrespect to Rangers or Scottish football.

But, out of concern for his now-former player, he believes moving to Rangers is a backwards step in the promising Aribo’s career.

In response to Boyd’s comments, he said: “Firstly, I have to clear up – I wasn’t leaving Charlton two weeks ago, we were in negotiations and it was just a matter of time until we reached an agreement.

“And secondly, there is no disrespect meant towards Rangers, Celtic or the Scottish league, all I was taking about was for Joe’s career, because that’s what I care about.”

On new Rangers signing Aribo, Bowyer explained: “I worked so hard with Joe. Before this season he was a bit-part player and then I gave him the opportunity, put a lot of time into him and made him the player he is today, and he’s not the finished article.

Lee Bowyer says Joe Aribo should have stayed in England to further his career

“But I believe moving to Rangers is the wrong move for him, and it’s not in a disrespectful way. Rangers is a massive club, they’ve got great tradition and a great manager in Steven Gerrard.

“For me, the only positive for Joe going to Rangers would be working under Gerrard – maybe that’s the reason why he’s gone there, because Gerrard will make him a better player.

“Tell me how many players over the last few years that have gone to Rangers and then gone on to the Premier League – there hasn’t been many.

“For me, Joe should have stayed in England. I wanted him to make the right decision on footballing terms, a stepping stone for him.

“Brentford came to us two days ago asking about Joe. They said they tried for him. Joe wasn’t even aware Brentford were interested in him. His agent should have told him. That’s wrong.

“What Brentford do is they buy young players, make them better and then sell them on to the Premier League. That’s where Joe needs to get to.

“For Joe to go to Rangers, OK financially he’s done well, but it makes no sense on the football side.

“In Scotland you’ve got Celtic and Rangers and you might have one more, but that’s it.

“In the Championship, you’d be playing against a lot of Premier League-quality players, so Joe would have a bigger challenge and would learn more and quicker playing in the Championship.

“The majority of players go to Scotland at the end of their careers. For his career, moving to Brentford would be a stepping stone.

“Whether I like it or not, Rangers is his next destination and I wish him and the club all the best.

“It’s not personal, but I just wanted to see the kid make the right decision for his football career – that’s all.

“I want him to get to the top, I want to be sitting at home on a Saturday evening watching him play on Match of the Day, just like Karlan Grant [who moved from Charlton to Huddersfield].”

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Kris Boyd says Alex McLeish should leave Scotland job ‘as a legend’ and Steve Clarke deserves to be first choice replacement

18 Apr

Alex McLeish should leave his role as Scotland boss ‘as a legend of Scottish football’ and not the man who led the side ‘back to the doldrums’, according to Kris Boyd.

The Kilmarnock striker joined talkSPORT to share his reaction to the news of the manager’s sacking on Thursday afternoon.

McLeish’s second spell in charge at Hampden Park has come to an end following their disastrous start to their Euro 2020 qualifying campaign – suffering a humiliating 3-0 defeat to Kazakhstan.

Alex McLeish has been axed by Scotland after a series of poor performances

They followed that up with a 2-0 win over San Marino but the SFA have taken action, saying the team’s performances over the past year have been below expectations and that Scotland are ‘capable of achieving more’.

McLeish’s exit is a surprise to no one. The manager came under heavy fire from fans following the Kazakhstan defeat – regarded as one of the worst in the national team’s history by many including talkSPORT’s Alan Brazil and Ally McCoist.

But Boyd insists McLeish deserves respect and recognition from supporters given his achievements as a player.

Speaking to talkSPORT host Jim White, the ex-Scotland international said: “Alec is a legend of the Scottish game, but has left known as the manager who has taken us back into the doldrums.

“It’s sad, because he won trophies as a player at Aberdeen and he’s the fourth highest capped player for Scotland.

“So, for me, he should leave as a legend of the Scottish game, rather than speak about this short 12 games period he’s had.”

Steve Clarke is the new favourite to take over as Scotland boss

Steve Clarke, Boyd’s manager at Kilmarnock, has been widely tipped as the top candidate to replace McLeish as Scotland manager.

“And rightly so,” added the striker. “When you look at what he’s done at Kilmarnock…

“I don’t know if it’s something the gaffer will fancy. He was out of football for a wee while, he came back into the day-to-day enjoyment of it and he’s been linked with a few clubs back down the road.

“Does he want international football or does he want to continue club football? I don’t know.

“But I can understand why our gaffer is at the top of the list, because of the job he’s done at Kilmarnock.”

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Scott Brown: Celtic captain slammed by Kris Boyd for celebrating in front of Rangers fans – ‘Don’t fuel the fire’

1 Apr

Kris Boyd has criticised Celtic captain Scott Brown for goading Rangers supporters during Sunday’s Old Firm derby.

After three reported stabbings following the match, Boyd says players have a responsibility to behave themselves on the pitch and not ‘add fuel to the fire’ of the fierce rivalry.

Brown took centre stage for his sly wind-up antics towards Light Blues players throughout the Parkhead clash.

Scott Brown got under the skin of Rangers’ players

Alfredo Moreles was sent off in the first-half for elbowing the midfielder in the face, after Brown attempted to trip up the Rangers striker off the ball.

The Celtic hero was later punched in the face by Ryan Kent, and was also involved in a late scrap with Andy Halliday – also sent off – who took exception to Brown celebrating the Hoops’ 2-1 victory in front of visiting Rangers fans.

The match was also marred by incidents away from the pitch, as a brawl following the game left one man in a critical condition in hospital.

Three people were stabbed in the aftermath of Celtic’s victory, with police treating one of the attacks as attempted murder.

And Boyd said he doesn’t see what Brown was trying to achieve by taunting his rival supporters.

Brown couldn’t keep the smirk off his face as he constantly wound up the Rangers players at Celtic Park

“In terms of celebrating, go and celebrate with your own fans,” the Kilmarnock man told talkSPORT host Jim White.

“The big thing for me is it’s boiling over – we’ve seen incidents before and after the game and I‘m not saying it’s related to what Scott Brown did, but it doesn’t help the matter.

“I remember years ago the police would brief us and tell us, if we win the game or score a goal don’t go near the opposition fans, but it seems to be one rule for some and one rule for another.

“Listen, Celtic are winning cups and league titles – go and celebrate with your own people.

“What happened on the pitch in terms of Scott Brown winding up the players, so be it, that’s what happens, you’re there to win a game.

“But winding up the opposition fans, especially in an Old Firm, I just don’t see what you’re trying to achieve.

“The Celtic fans already love you, he’s already a hero in their eyes, they idolise Scott Brown for what he does on a football pitch and he’s not going to get an extra pat on the back for winding the Rangers fans up.

“Celtic are pushing towards eight titles in a row, and they’re obsessed with getting to ten and Rangers are obviously trying to stop that.

“There’s a lot of bad blood, there’s a hatred. It’s always been there but I feel as if it’s now starting to boil over.

“It’s really, really important the players keep their cool in these situations and don’t add fuel to the fire.”

Rangers boss Steven Gerrard asks why Kilmarnock manager Steve Clarke did not highlight Kris Boyd abuse from Celtic fans

22 Feb

Steven Gerrard insists he wants sectarian abuse driven out of Ibrox, but delivered a thinly-veiled dig at Kilmarnock boss Steve Clarke.

The Rangers boss questioned why the Scot didn’t highlight the abuse directed at Kris Boyd by Celtic fans on Sunday.

Clarke and Gerrard embrace after the game

Clarke launched an attack on the minority of Gers fans who branded him a ‘sad F***** b*****’ at the end of Wednesday’s Scottish Cup replay.

Last Sunday, Boyd was hit by a coin and targeted with sectarian abuse at Rugby Park by some travelling Celtic fans.

Responding to Clarke’s post-match press conference, Gerrard said: “It’s happened in the last four or five days to Steve and his players.

“There was stuff said at Kilmarnock v Celtic as well at the weekend but Steve didn’t want to really speak about the abuse that Boydy got at the weekend.

A coin (circled) was thrown at Boyd from Celtic fans on Sunday

“I respect Steve’s opinion but all I can say is as a club we don’t support any unacceptable behaviour from the terraces.

“We want it out, whatever kind of abuse it is we don’t want it. Homophobic, racial, religion, we don’t want it and we don’t support it.

“The club made a statement on it and made that very clear. The majority are doing their best to eradicate it but I don’t think you can tar every supporter with the same brush.

“We had nearly 40,000 fans at that game. There’s a lot of praise to go to our supporters too. They got behind the team and the players treated them to a very important result.

Gerrard sympathised after experiencing abuse during his football career

“Unfortunately there were a minority there and we will try to eradicate that from our support. I wasn’t aware of this until I got home.

“I had a beer with Steve after the game and he was his normal self. We spoke about football, about the game and upcoming fixtures.

“I wasn’t aware of what he had said in his press conference so it was a surprise to me when I got home. But obviously I respect his feelings.

“Steve’s said what he’s said and the club had made a statement. I support them on that.

Gerrard praised the Rangers fans who supported the team in the correct manner

“Whether it’s chants, coin-throwing or anything that does not belong in football, we want it out.

“Individuals and small minorities at certain stadiums let themselves down unfortunately. That’s not just in this league.

“I’ve had experience of it before. Of late there’s been different kind of abuse in football matches and as a football family we should all be trying to eradicate it from the terraces because it’s unacceptable.

“I’ve got confidence in the club that they’ll be doing everything they can to try help get rid of it.

“I’ve had it since I was 18. I just echo what Boydy said at the weekend, as long as it’s not physical I’m okay with it.

“I’m not going to react to any abuse but I’ve had it quite a bit. I don’t want it, I don’t welcome it but it’s fine, no problem. I just get on with it.”

Kilmarnock v Celtic: Former Rangers striker Kris Boyd reportedly hit by coin and appears to be targeted with verbal abuse

17 Feb

Kilmarnock striker Kris Boyd was reportedly hit by a coin thrown from the away end during Sunday’s clash with Celtic.

During his warm up long the touchline, the former Rangers star also appeared to be targeted with verbal abuse.

Kris Boyd was hit by a coin thrown from the away end

As the Sky Sports cameras zoomed in on a close up of the 35-year-old, it was alleged chants of ‘fat orange b*****d’ could be heard ringing around.

And then a coin was then thrown from the away end at Boyd, who did not flinch despite it hitting his arm.

Although the ex-Rangers forward was unhurt, Scotland coach McFadden branded the latest coin-throwing incident in Scottish football “disgusting”.

He told Sky Sports: “It’s unacceptable, Kris has got his opinions and that’s fine. But if you want to give him sticks that’s fine.

A coin (circled) was thrown at Boyd
And the object struck the striker on the arm

“He’s a grown man, he likes to give it out and he can take it but to throw coins, there’s no place for it.

“This season, on the pitch, the product has been absolutely brilliant for Scottish football.

“And some of the behaviour of a minority of fans is trying to derail that, and spoil it.

“Absolutely no place for it. It’s disgusting.”

The former Scotland international is the latest figure to be struck by a missile from the crowd this season after incidents involving former Hibernian boss Neil Lennon against Hearts and Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos at St Mirren.

Kris Boyd slams Scotland manager Alex McLeish and says players look clueless on the pitch

15 Oct

Former Scotland striker Kris Boyd has hammered manager Alex McLeish and says he has made players lose interest in representing their country.

The Kilmarnock captain also says the current Scottish team ‘look as though they don’t know what they’re doing’ on the pitch, after watching them suffer back-to-back defeats to Israel and Portugal in the UEFA Nations League.

Kris Boyd says ‘there’s something not right’ in the Scotland camp

Sunday’s 3-1 defeat at home to European champions Portugal means McLeish has won just two of his eight games in charge since taking over from Gordon Strachan.

Strachan was sacked by the Scottish FA after his side failed to make the play-offs for the World Cup, missing out on goal difference, but things have gone backwards since McLeish’s appointment.

And Boyd, who quit the Scotland team in 2008 before coming back to add two more appearances in 2010, believes ‘something is not right’ within the Scotland camp.

Speaking to talkSPORT’s Jim White, the 35-year-old said: “When you rewind to the last campaign under Gordon Strachan, we felt as if we were getting somewhere.

“But I look at it now and it’s far, far from that in such a short period of time.

“There is something not right.

Axing Strachan has badly backfired on the SFA

“When you look at some of the performances, they look as though they don’t know what they’re doing.

“I know Alex McLeish is saying you only get a short period of time to work with your players, but it’s the same for every international manager.”

Boyd has also given his backing to Leigh Griffiths, who disrupted Scotland’s preparation for the Nations League double-header by pulling out of the squad to focus on maintaining his fitness for Celtic.

And he believes there are other players who don’t want to pull on a Scotland shirt under their current boss.

“The most important thing in international football is the players want to go and play and train with a smile on their face, but that’s not happening right now with Scotland under Alex McLeish,” he added.

Griffiths withdrew from the Scotland squad to focus of his fitness for Celtic

“I get the whole thing that the clubs need to look after their players, but we need to be closing players left, right and centre.

“Gordon was leaving people out of the squad, having to phone them up and tell them they haven’t been selected because they players in front of them are doing so well.

“But when you look at Leigh Griffiths and James McArthur, they don’t even want to be selected for Scotland.

“Looking at it, there’s a trust issue between the players and Alec.”

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