Anthony Joshua lashes out at Deontay Wilder’s ‘quitter’ accusations and explains what really happened against Andy Ruiz in New York

7 Sep

Anthony Joshua has responded to Deontay Wilder’s accusations that he quit against Andy Ruiz Jr back in June.

The Brit surrendered his heavyweight world titles in a seismic upset which has drastically changed the landscape of boxing’s blue-riband division.

Anthony Joshua was stopped on his feet in the seventh round in New York back in June
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Joshua seemed certain to face the ‘Bronze Bomber’ at some point in 2020 until he was stopped by Ruiz at Madison Square Garden, with Wilder venting his frustrations to talkSPORT.

He said: “I think Ruiz beat him too easily. I don’t think Joshua won’t know how he lost right now. In my opinion, Joshua quit. He spit the mouthpiece out – that is one sign. That is an easy old trick.

“He looked to the corner – a sign he was looking for a way out. I don’t think he is a quitter but he quit that night.”

The Olympic gold medallist has a chance to right his wrongs and wrestle back his belts in a rematch in Saudi Arabia on December 7, claiming he is going to end the Mexican-American’s brief stint at the pinnacle of the division.

Joshua and Andy Ruiz will go head to head once again in Saudi Arabia
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But he felt the need to clarify what happened, in light of Wilder’s comments.

“I’ll take that as an opinion,” Joshua said. “And I feel like, if you look at quitting, and I would say getting up off the canvas after about 50 punches to the head repetitively isn’t quitting.

“If I wanted to quit, I would have quit after the second one [knockdown] I would have been like ‘Hang on, this ain’t going my way.’

“I would have stayed down, but I feel like it was a call from the referee that I may have been able to handle a bit better.

The Brit is feeling confident ahead of the rematch, insisting he will reclaim his heavyweight world titles
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“The ref was counting to seven, then eight and I’ve got up and walked to the corner and he has got the gum shield in his hand.

“So he’s come over to me, and I’m waiting, he grabs my waist trying to move me forward a bit so I step forward and then he pushes me back a bit.

“Now I’m thinking ‘Is he going to put the gum shield in my mouth?’ I didn’t even have a gum shield in my mouth to fight and he’s waved off the fight.

“So in my mind, it’s not as if I don’t want no more, after the third, fourth or fifth knockdown.

“But I kept getting to my feet which is a sign of a man who wants to continue. So he’s entitled to his opinion, but there is my explanation.”

Andy Ruiz Jr vows to ‘end’ Anthony Joshua’s career in world heavyweight title rematch in Saudi Arabia

24 Aug

Andy Ruiz Jr has vowed to ‘end’ Anthony Joshua’s career when the two clash in Saudi Arabia.

The Mexican, a late replacement for drugs cheat Jarrell Miller, stepped up to take on Joshua in his US debut at Madison Square Garden.

Andy Ruiz Jr dropped AJ four times in his victory back on June 1
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Although many wrote Ruiz Jr off, the softly-spoken and unassuming heavyweight battered the Brit in New York and stunned the world by stopping the seemingly untouchable ‘AJ’.

The Olympic Gold medallist finally got his rematch signed for December 7 in Riyadh after Ruiz Jr finally signed the contract.

However, the new WBA ‘Super’, WBO and IBF world heavyweight champion has promised a repeat performance.

“I dethroned the king June 1st and made history becoming the first Mexican/American Heavyweight Champion of the world.

“I’m looking forward to ending his career in the desert.”

There are plenty of dissenting voices surrounding the fight, given how convincingly Ruiz Jr beat Joshua in the first contest.

And heavyweight rival Tyson Fury has concurred with the champion, that Joshua is ‘done’ if he cannot reclaim his world titles.

He told iFL TV: “I don’t think he’s a better boxer than Ruiz, so the only thing that AJ can do is knock him out early.

“He’s not a better boxer, he hasn’t got better feet, he doesn’t have faster hands and he doesn’t throw better combinations. So he’s coming off second best in every single category apart from athleticism and size.

“If you look at history, the ones that do take the rematch get usually chinned.

“If you can’t beat Andy Ruiz Jr, you can’t do anything to Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder. Or any other decent heavyweight in the world.

“If he can’t beat Andy Ruiz Jr in the rematch, he’s finished – done, finished, goodnight, bye-bye. He needs to retire – simple as, forget about it, give it up as a bad job.”

Eddie Hearn insists it will ‘end horrifically’ for Andy Ruiz Jr legally if he does not meet Anthony Joshua’s demands over rematch

20 Jul

Eddie Hearn has warned Andy Ruiz Jr to accept a rematch with Anthony Joshua in the UK or face a ‘huge legal mess’.

The Mexican shocked the world at the art of June when, in front of a packed out Madison Square Graden and millions watching around the world, he pummelled Joshua into submission and prised his world heavyweight titles away.

Naturally, the 29-year-old from Watford is desperate to reclaim his WBO, WBA, IBO and IBF belts in a rematch.

Andy Ruiz Jr wants to fight Anthony Joshua in Mexico or USA
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Ruiz Jr has claimed he is calling the ‘all the shots’ after his sensational upset win last month in New York, and the rematch will only take place in Mexico or USA.

But Matchroom Boxing chief Hearn is adamant a clause inserted into the initial fight contract allows the Olympic Gold medallist to decide where the final fight takes place.

He said there ‘would be a huge legal case that will probably stop him from fighting’ – unless the rotund underdog agrees to fight this side of the pond.

The venue dispute has already delayed a date being set for a rematch of the all-time great boxing upset.

Joshua was stopped on his feet in the seventh round in NYC
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And Hearn told iFL TV: “Andy Ruiz Jr is an honourable stand up guy.

“He knows what he signed and it wasn’t unfair what he signed but he has contractual obligations that he has to meet now.

“Andy Ruiz was chosen from a group of people because we believed he would be the best most competitive fight for Anthony Joshua – we were right.

“And then, if he was to win that fight, as set out in the contract there were a number of terms that he would have to adhere to.

“It’s very standard. It’s not, ‘oh that was out of order, he is the A-side now’.

“No, this was what was agreed by both parties. Negotiated and agreed.”

But he stressed: “Joshua will be the one who ultimately decides where that fight takes place.”

Eddie Hearn pleads with WBC to give Dillian Whyte the winner of Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz II after spending more than 600 DAYS as No.1 contender

21 Jun

Eddie Hearn has warned the WBC Dillian Whyte will not wait around for a heavyweight title shot and targeted the winner of Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz.

The ‘Bodysnatcher’ has been the number one contender to Wilder’s crown for more than 600 days as of this week and has grown impatient waiting for the Bronze Bomber.

Dillian Whyte is desperate to get his hands on Deontay Wilder

Whyte will face the dangerous Oscar Rivas on July 20 at the 02, but Hearn wants to see his fighter get a shot at the title.

Wilder’s rematch with Ortiz is scheduled for later this year and the Matchroom director is desperate to see the Brixton brawler get his shot.

“There’s a lot going on with the WBC,” he told talkSPORT. “I think the offer from the WBC, which is a final eliminator, is an interim world title fight.

“That’s all fine, but it’s more about the timings.

Wilder defended his WBC belt in May against Dominic Breazeale

“This week marks 600 days Dillian Whyte has been WBC number one contender – it’s incredible.

“So we are saying when? We are not waiting 800, 900, 1000 days so our campaign is that the winner of Wilder against Ortiz should fight the winner of Whyte vs Rivas.

“Or if not, give us a time frame. We are doing absolutely everything and we will not stop till Dillian Whyte gets justice on this because I think the WBC are fair people.

“Mauricio Sulaiman is a boxing guy through and through, I know he has been a bit upset by some of the comments, but they are nothing yet.

Whyte knocked out Dereck Chisora in December, his last outing in the ring

“We have got to get our way and we are not even asking for a favour. We are just asking for what is fair.

“And we thank the public for their support on this as well because that is important. Dillian Whyte has stepped up and fought everyone, this Rivas fight is a very tough fight on July 20 and it is a must-win fight that I believe will have a lot on the line in terms of the WBC position.”

Eddie Hearn breaks silence on THOSE Anthony Joshua rumours and rubbishes reports AJ was knocked out by Joey Dawejko before Andy Ruiz loss

9 Jun

Eddie Hearn has dismissed reports suggesting Anthony Joshua was knocked out by Joey Dawejko before his stunning defeat to Andy Ruiz Jr.

The Mexican underdog shocked the world last weekend when he battered the Brit in their world title fight at Madison Square Garden to leave New York with the WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO heavyweight belts.

As soon as the final bell rung and Mike Griffin waved the contest off, conspiracies began to spring up as the inquest as to how Joshua had been beaten so convincingly.

Andy Ruiz Jr smashed Anthony Joshua during their world heavyweight title fight last weekend

And while the 29-year-old made no excuses for his loss, one popular rumour was that AJ was floored by Dawejko in his training camp and was still feeling the effects at the Garden, but Hearn insists nothing untoward happened.

Asked about the rumours, he told IFL TV: “A journalist messaged me the next day, ‘We heard he got knocked out by Agit Kabayel’. I said Agit Kabayel wasn’t in the camp.

“They said, ‘Who else did he spar with?’ I said he sparred with Joey Dawejko. [They said] ‘Oh, Joey Dawejko knocked him out’.

Probed further on the rumours, he continued: “I’m not in camp. I speak to AJ, I speak to Rob [McCracken], I speak to all the people. No [he wasn’t knocked out], not at all. They had two spars. Not at all.

Anthony Joshua’s face showed signs of damage in the build-up to the fight
Seconds Out/YouTube

“How many times has AJ had a fight where the rumours are he’s been dropped in camp? Every fight. And actually the only one that when you speak to AJ he talks about is David Price dropped him in sparring. And actually he’s not the kind of guy who would sort of deny or hide from it.”

Asked if he was dropped in sparring, Hearn added: “No, no. I mean, again, I wasn’t there. I speak to 12 people that were there. Absolutely not is the response.”

Before the fight, fans were concerned with the Olympic Gold medallist’s glazed expression and subdued ring walk. During the week, there were even suggestions Joshua was sporting a black eye due to his intensive sparring regime.

But the Matchroom Boxing director explained it came from an intense physiotherapy session.


Dawejko with Joshua during training camp
Instagram - @joey_thetank_dawejko

He explained: “It wasn’t a black eye. It was from a compression machine that went on his face and it took the skin off. Did you see the injury? It was where he’d had skin taken off his face. You don’t get that from getting chinned and knocked down.

“So it was crazy all the reports [being concussed]. You think he sparred the week of the fight? He was in New York from Saturday, he wasn’t sparring.

“And even if he did get hurt – which he didn’t – do you not think fighters spar and get hurt in sparring? I had a sit down with AJ and asked did you get hurt in sparring and he said no.”

What next for the heavyweight division after Anthony Joshua’s shock defeat? Oleksandr Usyk, Dillian Whyte and Deontay Wilder lie in wait

4 Jun

It was supposed to be a dream debut in America, a chance to prove to the world who the best heavyweight on the planet truly was.

But Anthony Joshua’s world was given a seismic shock by a Mexican earthquake which has drastically altered the landscape of the division.

As Andy Ruiz Jr jumped for joy in the ring at Madison Square Garden, the impact began to ripple across the globe.

Andy Ruiz Jr sends Anthony Joshua to the canvas for the first time in New York

Dazed and confused, Joshua looked lost after being battered to oblivion inside seven rounds in New York and relinquished his world heavyweight titles.

Before taking the defeat like a true champion and congratulating the underdog, the Brit knelt on the canvas in a state of complete despair.

It was supposed to be simple; beat Ruiz and hone in on becoming the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

However, that was before the Mexican detonated a left-hook onto the 29-year-old’s chiselled jaw in the third round on Saturday night.

Ruiz Jr is the first Mexican world heavyweight champion in the history of the sport

So what next for Joshua and the rest of the division?

Deontay Wilder has already outlined his next two fights – rematches with Luis Ortiz and Tyson Fury, while Fury himself fights in Las Vegas against Tom Schwarz on June 15th.

But those fights were agreed before Joshua’s shock defeat, given it was almost inconceivable the Olympic Gold medallist could be thumped into submission by a 6″2 self-proclaimed Snickers lover.

Below, has analysed what could happen to boxing’s glamour division over the coming months.


Perhaps the most logical decision, a rematch between Joshua and Ruiz Jr was talked about instantly by Matchroom Boxing director Eddie Hearn in the aftermath of Joshua’s destruction.

“The rematch takes precedence over the belts,’ Hearn said in the early hours of Sunday morning. “The next mandatory is the WBO, and I’ve already spoken to Paco Valcarcel (WBO president), who would have no issues with the rematch.

“The rematch, every belt will be on the line.

“Andy has the chance to defend his titles and go on in fights with Wilder and Fury, but for us, AJ will want to win his belts back, but he’ll want to beat Andy Ruiz. I believe every one of those belts will be on the line.”

Eddie Hearn will be desperate for Joshua to get his world titles back

However, as with many decisions in boxing, it is not as simple as it seems.


Although a rematch clause was inserted into Ruiz Jr’s contract, the Mexican is already facing the possibility of being stripped by the IBF.

Should he agree to a rematch with the Brit as opposed to fighting mandatory challenger Kubrat Pulev, the governing body could strip the newly-crowned champion of his belt.

Pulev has now regained his position as IBF mandatory challenger and is expected to be called soon

Despite just winning the title, the IBF have a precedent of doing this in past. In 2015, after beating Wladimir Klitschko in Dusseldorf, Tyson Fury was forced to vacate the IBF heavyweight crown less than two weeks after winning it.

Like Ruiz, Fury was an underdog and had a rematch clause written into his contract. So what does that mean for that belt?

If the IBF belt were to be vacated, Pulev is likely to face the German Agi Kabayel. Then there is the situation with the WBO belt…


Oleksandr Usyk was the undisputed cruiserweight champion and is now moving up to heavyweight

Like the IBF, the WBO governing body are expected to call their mandatory challenger in September.

Should Ruiz decide to vacate that belt to pursue the Joshua rematch, the No.1 ranked fighter is Dillian Whyte. Provided the Brit can get through his clash with Oscar Rivas on July 20, he could well be in a position to finally challenge for a world title (albeit a vacant one).

But lurking in the shadows like an python stalking its prey is Oleksandr Usyk, the cruiserweight king who wiped out every contender in the division in their own back yard in the space of just TWO years. After holding the WBO belt at the lower weight class, the Ukrainian is expected to be called as the WBO No 1 ranked fighter.

With both Whyte and Usyk signed to Matchroom, a fight in the winter could be easy to make and would surely sell out a stadium in the UK.

Dillian Whyte will face Oscar Rivas on July 20

There is a chance Joshua’s rematch could supersede a mandatory being called and potentially seeing all the belts cast into the wilderness as they were back in 2015.

According to the WBO rules: “if requested by a super champion who has lost his title and who wishes to fight for the title again, the championship committee may designate the super champion as the mandatory challenger”.

However, there is a scenario which could mean Whyte, Usyk and Joshua miss out all together.


While Usyk poses the mot immediate danger to the heavyweight division, the power and influence of the mysterious Al Haymon must also be taken into consideration.

Andy Ruiz is represented by the boxing mogul, as is WBC champion Deontay Wilder. As mentioned before, the Bronze Bomber confirmed his next two fights would be against Ortiz and Fury.

Deontay Wilder retained his WBC title with a win over Breazeale last month

But the chance to crown an undisputed champion, whilst also locking Joshua and Eddie Hearn out of title contention, could prove too good an opportunity for ShowTime, Al Haymon and Shelly Finkel (Wilder’s manager) to pass up.

Although there would undoubtedly be legal ramifications given the contracts in place, crowning an undisputed champion would add some calm to what is quickly becoming the most frenetic division in the sport.

While it remains to be seen what happens next, there is no denying the ride will be entertaining.

Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder latest: Eddie Hearn admits he is willing to gamble to make undisputed heavyweight title fight

24 May

Eddie Hearn has admitted he is willing to gamble in order to make a monumental undisputed fight between Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder.

For two years, the two heavyweight champions of the world have talked about a possible unification fight.

Eddie Hearn wants to make an undisputed world heavyweight title fight

But with Joshua adding Joseph Parker’s WBO strap to his haul, only Wilder stands in his way of becoming the first undisputed heavyweight champion of the world since Lennox Lewis.

However, negotiations have continued to turn sour with both sides of the negotiating table trading barbs after promising the fight would happen.

But after Wilder obliterated Dominic Breazeale in the first round and with Joshua set to make his US debut in just over a week, Hearn admitted he wants to make the fight next.

“I just want to gamble,” Hearn told iFLTV. “That’s what I want to do and that’s what I want them to do.

Wilder destroyed Breazeale inside a round to retain his WBC crown

“We all know it’s a gamble for everybody; one minute AJ is the big favourite, the next minute Wilder knocks someone out and he is the big favourite.

“But the whole point is: Are you ready? Do you want to do it?

That is a fight that has become, not just the biggest fight in boxing, but one of the biggest heavyweight fights of all time.

“I mean George Foreman actually said this is the biggest heavyweight fight of all time. In terms of the revenue it will produce, I think he is right.

Joshua is preparing to face Mexican-born Andy Ruiz Jr at Madison Square Garden

“But when you start hearing people like that say things like that, that gives me a f****** hard on.

“And it does because we could be involved in that. And AJ wants this fight so bad and I know there is a chance AJ can lose.

“I don’t believe he will, but I want to gamble. Do you want gamble?”

Anthony Joshua compares heavyweight division to Game of Thrones and reveals offers to Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder and Dillian Whyte for next fight

5 May

Boxing’s heavyweight division is like Game of Thrones, according to Anthony Joshua, who made the comparison ahead of his US debut on 1 June.

And the unified heavyweight champion of the world revealed he made offers to Tyson Fury, Dillian Whyte and Deontay Wilder to fight him next, at Madison Square Garden.

Anthony Joshua wants to become undisputed heavyweight champion

Joshua is currently preparing to fight Andy Ruiz Jr after initial opponent Jarrell Miller failed THREE separate tests for taking performance enhancing drugs.

And although the Mexican may not be the fans’ first choice, Joshua explained to The Sun just how complicated his division currently is.

“We’re playing the Game of Thrones but I don’t know why and I don’t know what’s happening and it’s the fans that are missing out,” he said.

“I just don’t understand what more we can make out of it because we have made lucrative offers to fight these guys.

Deontay Wilder is still yet to fight Joshua

“I have what they want. And the people outside are looking at it and saying ‘This is your chance, take it’.

“Wilder made an offer to us but it was from Wilder, not from the broadcaster or his promotional outfit.

“We made an offer to Fury. He didn’t want a percentage fee, he wanted a flat fee but it would still have been a higher percentage in terms of the pot.

We made an offer to Dillian Whyte, we made an offer to Luis Ortiz and he took far less to fight Wilder.

Andy Ruiz Jr is 32-1 (21 KOs)

“So I look at it and think ‘What difference is it going to make to these guys?’ Are they just going to say they want more or is it not about the dough.”

One of the main bones of contention in the current landscape is the fact all of the main players in the division compete with different networks.

The 29-year-old himself is with DAZN and Sky Sports, with Wilder failing to agree terms on a DAZN deal himself.

His Showtime contract meant Tyson Fury had to contend with working on that network for their December 1 fight, but the ‘Gypsy King’ has now signed a multi-fight, co-promotional deal with ESPN and Top Rank.

And the Olympic Gold medallist wants to make the best fights happen before it is too late.

He added: “We’re all trying to be the leader of the world. Why don’t the best fight the best?

“Broadcasters want to build up their fighter before they sling them in so they can make a return on their investment.”

Anthony Joshua next opponent latest: Luis Ortiz confirms he will NOT replace Jarrell Miller and lashes out at Eddie Hearn

23 Apr

Luis Ortiz has lashed out at Eddie Hearn after failing to agree terms to fight Anthony Joshua on June 1.

The heavyweight (known as ‘King Kong’) was reportedly in the frame to replace Jarrell ‘Big Baby’ Miller in the Madison Square Garden spectacle, but has confirmed he rejected a ‘low ball’ offer.

Luis Ortiz will NOT be fighting Anthony Joshua on June 1

Miller has admitted he ‘messed up’ after it emerged he’d failed a drugs test for three separate substances.

The heavyweight contender initially denied knowingly taking a banned substance when it was announced he’d tested positive for GW1516 last week.

However, it has been revealed he has failed two further tests for HGH and EPO (plus GW1516 again) and so he’s decided to ‘own up.’

In his place, Ortiz emerged as a genuine contender and Joshua seemed keen to make the fight happen against the former world title contender.

But, in an Instagram message posted on Tuesday evening, the Cuban’s team claimed they were told to stay quiet to try to get it made and have accused Eddie Hearn of making ‘low ball offers’.

Ortiz caused Wilder all sorts of problems in the 2017 world title fight

A statement read: “It’s a no go for June 1…Sorry guys we where [sic] told to stay as quiet as possible and play possum until fight had been made because every time someone called out Luis it would be a gimmick to promote them self but it still didn’t work.

“We just received word from promoter it’s a no go and it was all a gimmick and Hearn’s low ball offers will not be accepted and no contract even ever got sent over so sorry to all the loyal fans.

“Luis really wanted this title shot.”

Ortiz last challenged for a world title when he went ten rounds with Deontay Wilder 2017 – eventually succumbing to the Bronze Bomber’s ferocious power.

But the southpaw has exceptional technical ability and troubled Wilder with his power during the fight.

As it stands, Joshua has no official opponent for the June 1 date, but Michael Hunter is the front-runner to take on the Olympic gold medallist in his American debut.

The 30-year-old (who has just signed to Matchroom Boxing) has only tasted defeat once in the professional ranks courtesy of Oleksandr Usyk for the WBC cruiserweight belt.

Dmitry Bivol vs Joe Smith Jr TONIGHT: UK fight time, TV details, how to stream and full undercard

8 Mar

Unbeaten Dmitry Bivol is set to defend his WBA light heavyweight title against dangerous challenger Joe Smith Jr in New York tonight.

Bivol has held his belt since September 2017 but his impressive run of victories will be put to the test against heavy hitting American Smith Jr.

Dmitry Bivol takes on Joe Smith Jr in New York

Maurice Hooker will also put his WBO Light-Welterweight  title on the line against Mikkel Lespierre on the undercard.

So ahead of a big night of boxing, here’s everything you need to know to catch it.

Dmitry Bivol vs Joe Smith Jr: UK date

The fight will take place in the early hours of Sunday, March 10 and will be held at the Turning Stone Resort Casino in New York.

Dmitry Bivol vs Joe Smith Jr: UK main event start time

The ringwalk in New York is expected to get underway at around 4am UK time but it will depend on the undercard results.

Dmitry Bivol takes on Joe Smith Jr in New York

Dmitry Bivol vs Joe Smith Jr: TV details and how to stream

The 12-round contest will be shown live on Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Action with their coverage beginning at 2am.

If you are not a Sky subscriber, you can watch it on Now TV – day passes are available for £8.99.

The fight will also been shown on DAZN for fans outside of the UK and they offer a free 30-day trial to stream through a variety of platforms including Apple TV, Google Chromecast, iOS, Android, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Dmitry Bivol vs Joe Smith Jr: Full undercard

Dmitry Bivol vs Joe Smith Jr, Light-Heavyweight contest for WBA World Title

Maurice Hooker vs Mikkel Lespierre, Light-Welterweight contest for WBO World Junior Title

Callum Johnson vs Sean Monaghan, Light-Heavyweight contest

Sergiy Kuzmin vs Joey Dawejko, Heavyweight contest for WBA Intercontinental Title

Israil Madrimov vs Frank Rojas, Welterweight contest for WBA Intercontinental Title

Otha Jones III vs Giorgi Gelashvili, Welterweight

Nikita Ababiy vs Cory Dulaney, Middleweight

Junior Younan vs Derrek Findley, Super-Middleweight

Dmitry Bivol takes on Joe Smith Jr in New York

Dmitry Bivol vs Joe Smith Jr: What have the fighters said?

Dmitry Bivol: “I want to make fights for the people. I want to make sure this fight has exposure, that it will attract attention. I’m ready to fight another champion.”

Joe Smith Jr: “Winning a world title would mean everything to me. It’s everything I have worked toward my whole life. I cannot even express how I will feel when I win this title.”

Dmitry Bivol vs Joe Smith Jr: Tale of the Tape

Bivol – Smith Jr

Nationality: Russian – American

Age: 28 – 29

Height: 6ft – 6ft

Stance – Orthodox – Orthodox

Record: 15-0-0 – 24-2-0

KOs: 11 – 20