Memorial Day 2019

27 May

Written by Wild Bill on The Prepper Journal.

“There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order.”Ed Howdershelt (Reference Stephan Decatur Miller, circa September 1830).

This is the day we honored those who gave their all.

The Short Lesson

This Federal Holiday in the USA was established for remembering those who died while serving in our Armed Forces. Currently celebrated on the last Monday of May, it originated in 1868 as Decoration Day after the American Civil War, when the Grand Army of the Republic established it as a time for the nation to decorate the graves of the Union’s war dead with flowers. By the 20th century, competing Union and Confederate holiday traditions, celebrated on different days, had merged, and Memorial Day was eventually extended to honor all Americans who died while in the military service.  Arlington Cemetery is the centerpiece of the official ceremonies.  Did you know this was General Robert E. Lee’s home before he left Washington to take command of the Confederate Army? Was it taken as a punishment that has now become the focal point of our honor? Your call.

The Prepper Journal honors those that have given their all, has known such men as brothers and read their names on The Wall. I am sure many of our followers have done the same, perhaps at different memorials.

Thank you and R.I.P every one, you are not forgotten.

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Judging People By Their States Politics

19 Mar

Written by Wild Bill on The Prepper Journal.

Editor’s Note: I have to admit that I sometimes (often) cringe when I find out people are from places that poison everything they touch with their politics and I am often lumped in with those people as California is my home state, the state where my two (2) children were born and raised, the state where my wife’s ashes were scattered and where mine will be as well (even if they come up with a law against that as well.)

I speak of New York where, outside of the City and Albany, live some very decent, solid Americans. While at Shot Show 2017 in Las Vegas I had two New York State Troupers in uniform introduce themselves to me with “Hi, we are from behind the liberal curtain.” They were two bright, well-spoken and professionally focused individuals who asked smart questions.

I also had the opportunity in my past to work in Florida, at the Cape and Florida is a place where the retirees from the liberal Northeast escape their terrible winters while importing their terrible politics. 

My point here is I want to brag about something from California outside its politics and its out-of-control government at all levels.

As you know if you have been on the The Prepper Journal over the past 18 months, I still sail off the Southern California coast with a couple of sailing clubs (they own the boats I just have to pay for the rides 😉 ) and one of them is being featured for its charitable work. 

Sailing Fascination Provides Much-needed Tranquility to Veterans in Need

I became involved with Sailing Fascination through the Oasis Sailing Club. I was fortunate to meet the founder Tom Tolbert, one of those people who everyone instantly likes, a true gentlemen and a patriot. I now consider him a friend. At that time our sailing was in support of a couple of mental health facilities where we would take a patient and the facilities representative for cruises within Newport Harbor and they were taught how to handle the boat and were given the tiller. We worked the sails.

The boat is a J-24, and I personally did an upgrade on her about 8 years ago, with Tom’s permission, and she has recently been upgraded again. The City of Newport Beach, California provides the slip for free (a big deal) and yes, she has a handicap sticker on her bow and keel and is the little blue boat the red arrow is pointing out. 

One of the things that drives me to make the trek from Phoenix, besides the amazing people I get to interact with, both other crew and our guests, is that doing so always calms me from the constant bombardment of the Media we all have to make efforts to escape. There is solace out on the water, a calming that can be found in the mountains as well. 

IAC the article above, from the Daily Pilot, also ran in the Los Angeles Times this past Sunday.  

Be safe out there and giving really is better than receiving.

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There are Small Sparks All Over the World

9 Mar

Written by Wild Bill on The Prepper Journal.

“From a little spark may burst a flame” – Dante Alighieri

“The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.”  – Dante Alighieri

Are you aware that in the past two (2) weeks:

This is an escalation of an on-going story for the region, one that has been going on since 1947 when after WWII the British carved up parts of their colonial empire.

Do you know that almost daily the Thai Army fights skirmishes with Islamic rebels along its southern border with Malaysia? The Philippine Army does in its homeland as well.

Do you know that the aggression of the Russian Military in the Ukraine has not really stopped, but just fallen out of the news cycle because it is limited to the tiny far east border region? Not as important as more pressing news out of our Capital City on subjects that fit the medias agenda.

“In other News our overseers have decided we are allowed to cover….”

Notes on the day to day activities in the Middle East are more likely to get reported by our media simply because they fit more into their agenda.

The point is there are a lot of sparks in the world that could become fires and most Americans are oblivious to their existence. If one were to read the daily State Department Travel Advisories it would only take a few days to realize that Mexico is slipping farther and farther into a police state, a corrupt police state where the cartels control most aspects of life.

Are you aware that in the “El Chappo” Trial in New York City the judge placed a gag order on the media. Try and find that on Google. One theory is he was looking to bargain with a list of who he had bribed on both sides of the open border. Everyone who believes this will see the light of day please raise your prehensile tail. Look how far his tentacles reached.

I was never a conspiracy theorists, lead a naive life focused on family and work, like so many of us do. The concerns outside my world didn’t seem to have the potential to directly crash into my life. Ignorance can indeed be bliss.

And the headwinds are still strong, my taxes are not only funding abortions here in America but around the world. In the last spending bill there was 10 Billion dollars in aid to Mexico and Guatemala, but none for border security.  Now I know we all like paying taxes, sharing our fortune, by law with others, under the threat of imprisonment enforced by people with guns, especially when people on the government dole get a tax return annually against monies they did not pay in.

I have been fortunate enough to have traveled the world in my lifetime, seen may places others have not, and interacted with people of those cultures directly. The one thing I could seldom provide a reasonable debate against was their belief that “the American taxpayers are the most gullible people in the world”. The facts are stark. Now, their governments were not the things of envy, by a long shot, but, in the grand scale of things, ours does not come out ahead. While we have some “freedoms” others don’t they are never not under threat, they exist still only through great vigilance, and those defending them are marginalized, detested and hated.

Twenty one (21) county Sheriff’s in New Mexico have stated publicly that they will not enforce gun control measures coming from their Governor and State House in Santa Fe. Some Sheriff’s in the left-coast bastions of Oregon and California have made similar statements. Thankfully Sheriff’s are still elected locally, at least for now. The Colorado state legislature is presenting their Governor with a bill to eliminate the Electoral College in the state, a measure their Governor has promised to sign. Did you know this is something eleven (11) others states have done already!

Don’t worry as The Prepper Journal will return to posts on how to use recycled egg cartons to build a fort, and the best turkey baster to prime a siphoning hose, but some of our greatest threats are in the minds and hearts of those we foolishly believed.

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Best Non-lethal Weapons for Home Defense

31 Jan

Written by Wild Bill on The Prepper Journal.

Editors Note: Another guest contribution from Scott Hamilton to The Prepper Journal. Always an interesting prospective and I know Scott would freely admit a couple of these can be exceedingly lethal.

Home defense is something that should be on the back-burner of everyone’s mind. Even if you don’t ever need to break out your home defense weapons, it’s better to have them and not need them, then to find yourself in need and not be able to defend yourself. Let’s take a look at some of the best non-lethal weapons for home defense because a gun isn’t always the answer to your problems.

Gun Ownership Statistics

Individuals focused on home defense often default to the purchase of a gun, and they’re not alone. Twenty-six (26) percent of gun owners classify themselves as protectors — people who aren’t necessarily outdoorsy but want to own one or more guns to protect themselves or their families. Another fifteen (15) percent of gun owners are known as “Debbie Defense” — female gun owners who are also protectors but may only own a small and lightweight firearm to carry with them for their protection. There is a male version of Debby Defense, known as Guardian Gary. These gun owners make up fifteen (15) percent of firearms purchases, but these individuals usually don’t enjoy recreational shooting, preferring to own a gun solely for defense.

Sometimes though, you may want something a little less powerful than a firearm, because firearms are a binary weapon, only giving you two choices – brandish and hope for compliance and deescalation of the situation or deliver deadly force. Hopefully these less-lethal options offer something that can still stop someone in their tracks before this most serious of choices.

Pepper Spray

Have you ever cut hot peppers, then accidentally touched your eyes or nose? If you answered yes, then you have an idea of what pepper spray feels like. After a blast of this, all you want to do is find the nearest gallon of milk and pour it over your face, and if you’ve hit the person breaking into your home, this gives you time to call the police, escape, or disable them.

Be careful with traditional pepper spray inside your home. The chemical cloud won’t just affect the home invader. It can blind you too, or even get pulled into your home’s HVAC system. For confrontations inside your home, pepper gel is a better choice. It’s more accurate, just as debilitating as the spray, and doesn’t leave a chemical cloud behind that you could potentially walk through.

Baseball Bat

You can’t go wrong with a good old-fashioned baseball bat when it comes to home defense. Home invaders will think twice when they see you wielding a length of wood, aluminum or polypropylene as they open the door. Our favorite bat for home defense isn’t one that you could use on the field — it’s a bat made of solid polypropylene. It’s solid, but not too heavy to swing.

Bats do have a shorter swing distance than say, a sword, but if you prefer non-lethal home defense, a bat can be a great option. Just be careful as you swing, or you might find yourself destroying your china cabinet alongside the intruder. (Editor’s Note: Good advice but I have always had faith in the tried and true Louisville Slugger.)


There’s a reason that police officers carry a baton to disable criminals. They’re practical, lightweight and take very little force for an effective disabling shot. These weapons come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from a small whip-like baton that concentrates the kinetic energy of your strike into a tiny area, to traditional expandable police batons and even wooden ones. As Clint Eastwood said in Pale Rider, “There’s nothing like a good piece of hickory.” Eastwood’s character delivered this line after taking apart a group of bad guys with a hickory ax handle, but the point still applies.

Batons can be a little awkward to use, so if you’re planning on employing one for home defense make sure you practice with it, so you’re familiar with how it swings and how to hit what you’re aiming at. It’s no different than practicing your marksmanship with a firearm, though the initial result is normally less lethal.


This home defense tool might seem like something you’d only see in the movies, but a simple scarf can be a handy and unobtrusive home defense tool. With a scarf and some practice, you can potentially disarm an opponent or even choke them into unconsciousness if you can get the scarf around their neck.

Scarves shouldn’t be the first thing you reach for when defending your home because they require you to get very close to the home invader to be effective, but in a pinch when you don’t have anything else handy, the scarf around your neck could save your life.


A kubotan is a small stick of wood, metal or plastic that can be held in the fist and used for self-defense. Using a kubotan requires you to be close to the home invader, but if you can land a good strike with your kubotan, you can disable your opponent. The goal is to inflict enough pain to allow you to escape or to disable the attacker. In spite of its size, a kubotan is very effective for this. This is because, in the human body, nerves are very close to the surface — especially in bony areas — so even a glancing blow will hurt.

Kubotan’s are small enough that you can easily attach them to a key chain or carry them in your pocket, so you’ve always got one handy to protect your house even if you’re away from your primary home defense weapon.


Tasers are an old mainstay of home and personal defense. These devices deliver a high voltage, low amperage electric shock that is extremely painful but not fatal. You’ve got two options when choosing a taser — a handheld model or shock stick that requires you to be close to the home invader, or a stun gun which shoots two electrified darts. Stun guns have a more extended range, but owning a stun gun is illegal in some states, and in others, you’re required to have a firearms license to own one.

Tasers and stun guns are inherently non-lethal — they’re designed to disable your opponent so you can escape. Stun guns allow you to repeatedly pull the trigger to deliver additional shocks until the battery runs out, but you’ll have to reload it before you can fire again. Once you’ve disabled your home invader, you’ll have enough time to call the authorities or remove yourself from the situation.

Guns might be the go-to home defense option for most people, but if you prefer a non-lethal home defense option, there are plenty to choose from. One thing to remember with all of these options is that you need to practice with them — don’t expect to be an expert the first time you pick up a taser or a baton. And whatever you do, don’t taser yourself. Trust us on this.

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So What Are You Doing to Prepare for February 16th?

29 Jan

Written by Wild Bill on The Prepper Journal.

Scheduled: U.S. Government Shutdown, Take 2

Date: 16 February 2019

The Players: Our elected representatives, The President and the 116th Congress; +/- 800,000 non-essential government employees; the American taxpayers

The three (3) week respite from the games being played with peoples lives ends on or about Saturday, February 16, 2019.

I searched the Las Vegas Odds Makers to get the betting line on if it will indeed shut down again but they are too busy with Super Bowl this week.

Without getting into the root causes, mainly because I am not qualified to lecture on mental illness, The Prepper Journal will ask from the viewpoint of how one survived Take 1 and what changes should we be making for Take 2.

I will be the first to admit that I am no optimist, none of the players have changed so I am expecting the same result as occurred just prior to Christmas past. I also am going to not include any media spin herein. I expect their to be no action from Congress, for The President to Declare an emergency, the 32nd, and then for a parade of activists judges to delay the work until a Supreme Court ruling, so nine (9) more months of kicking the can down the road. Here is the list of the existing 31 National Emergencies. I provide them for your review without comment.

In Take 1 we recommended the following:

  • Make cash and alternatives currencies more of a short-term focus in your planning than material stores like additional food, medications and additional ammo
  • If you work for the government this is especially true for you as YOU are declared “non-essential”, let that sink in as you plan the future direction of your career
  • We saw no movement or changes in healthcare; the ACA still in a death rattle but hanging on like the villain in a superheros flick that needs to be around for the sequel(s)
  • We postulated that nothing at all would be done about Border Security.

What Lessons Did we Learn?

  • there was little to no economic impact to the financial markets, short or longer term, the volatility continued based on an out of touch Fed and an army of nervous investors, but all the large swings swung back
  • Dedicated employees of many departments stepped up and showed up for work, did their jobs, and we are thankful for their service
  • Of the military services only the Coast Guard did not get paid because they are now under Homeland Security; the Border Patrol, National Parks Services and Air-traffic controllers did not get paid as well for the same reason and the air-traffic controllers were appearing to wearing thin towards the end
  • The prediction of doom and gloom and Armageddon from the media were, as always based on false logic and agenda-driven speak and did not come to pass.

So What Do We Do for Take 2

I would suggest we continue to focus on monetary reserves for the foreseeable future, especially if you were directly affected. Some suggestions are save a little extra in any way you can, skip that meal out, fix that appliance rather than replace it, perhaps even pay less against revolving (credit card) debt, always pay more than the minimum, but not a lot more as we watch this drama unfold. I am not a big fan of precious metals but if you are apply the same logic, invest prudently.

Turn off the doom and gloom from the media. They are in the business of generating content, they use Google Analytics to sell their influence share/reach to advertisers to acquire advertising revenue from those same advertisers. They are in the business of generating anxiety.

Travel plans? Business or pleasure? Another long shutdown may actually manifest some disruption to air traffic. And considering they are only getting a three-week break from being off the government dole again, their union may start organized sick-outs sooner. I am not suggesting cancelling travel but I am suggesting at looking into refundable ticketing as opposed to non-refundable as a way to mitigate your exposure. A small change which might eat into those additional savings efforts, know the risk and act accordingly.

Beware of the Tipping Points

The 116th Congress offered not a single compromise in Take 1, unless one considers their offer to negotiate only when the shutdown is over serious. The Executive Branch has now given them three (3) weeks to make good on that offer. Ride out the three (3) weeks and reassess your strategy. I know it isn’t even a complete billing cycle for most obligations but it is within sight.

One of the tipping points is in the scenario above. Zero movement, no compromise. It will be the harbinger of things to come for the next two years and government gridlock will manifest its way into more and more intrusive behaviors.

Another tipping point is partisan legislation that never moves from one House of Congress to the other, calls for infringement on our Bill of Rights and basic freedoms, and endless government hearings.

Preppers should pay attention to this and follow where the envelope is being pushed. Look for credible sources of government plans or actions. Yes, with every source impugned by every other source, this is indeed a challenge in today’s world. At this point I don’t have a good answer. Continue to be prudent in your expenditures and your savings and keep an ear to the ground. Sometimes that light at the other end of the tunnel is an on-coming train.

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What if There are No Cooler Heads?

23 Jan

Written by Wild Bill on The Prepper Journal.

I tried to see if someone is credited with originating the term “cooler heads will prevail.” I found no one credited but it has been around for quite awhile. George Washington is even quoted in the meme below as saying “Truth will prevail”:

But I found that on the internet, and we all know that to be an impeachable source. And of course the internet is littered with pundits using the term for all sorts of situations, all with a general underlying theme, either the lack of willingness to compromise and move off their own dead center, or a way of saying “we’ll figure it out” without offering any compromise, any step closer to resolving the issue. A disingenuous delaying tactic common in our political system.

And now we find ourselves at the beginning of 2019, nearing the end of January and our government in a partial shutdown since before Christmas. Partial having various meanings. If you are the elected Democratic Speaker of the House, and third in line for the Presidency, it means taking ninety three (93) friends and mostly family on an extended tour of Europe and Asia not only at taxpayer expense but using as your servants members of the United States Air Force and their assets while they remain unpaid. One with no accountability to anyone.

If you are in the military, or Border Patrol, or ICE or an air traffic controller or TSA agent it means going to work as usual without getting paid. It means at a minimum watching your credit score drop and your supplies dwindle. One where your are accountable to everyone and subject to the rules not only of your employer but to those with whom your have entered into contracts with, such as your mortgage holder, credit card companies, city services and utilities and on and on.

So What if Cooler Heads Don’t Prevail

We all know the above, apologies for droning on the media mantra, but now the media has started to talk of their predictions for the results of certain other actions, and this is a little unsettling. As we know those in positions of power feed the media things they want to be “news” and the stories of impeachment not only of a sitting President but of members of the SCOTUS were openly broadcast on the alt-left Media, CNN and MSNBC over the weekend and the network alphabets following up yesterday. Even the mostly defunct print media is on-board and then there are those without filters or controls on the Internet.

While The Prepper Journal is no stranger to the idea of the possibility of open conflict coming to pass, and has posted about it for a number of years:

Did Government Source Provide Clue as to How They would Usher in Tyranny?

How to Survive a Civil War in America

The Revolution will Not be Fought with Rubber Bullet’s

The media has begun to connect the dots (just two of them) from open attempts at impeachment to open civil strife on the streets of America. Rhodes Scholar candidates every one.

The reality of the forces at work here are not to be passed off as simply posturing or playing games. They are playing the long game, to make the unthinkable thinkable. As preppers this is a call to really dig in and review your families options and planning.

There are now thirteen (13) states with implemented Red Flag Laws. The same number as stripes on our flag, original colonies supporting the Declaration of Independence and prosecuting the first American Revolution. The 116th Congress has promised new legislation to prohibit private gun sales and extend background checks against highly suspect government databases, which could now complete the circle by adding the information presented in Red Flag processing. Does one only have to be accused to be entered into the databases? Unknown. The current ATF Form 4773 has not been updated.

How would you answer question 11b of ATF Form 4773 if you were trying to purchase a firearm and a relative had gone to the authorities about you under the Red Flag law?

Could this be the next step in being presumed guilty until proven innocent and with government controls in place to prevent removing the data of false accusations from their databases more daunting than climbing Mt. Everest alone, in winter, naked and with a Sherpa hiding in your backpack.  All it might take is a single vindictive family member, or a police officer, let us not forget the lessons from the last SCOTUS nomination process.


So where are the cooler heads? When will they step to the forefront and bring about some semblance of character, statesmanship and compromise for the good of the American people? Can any American voter look to the person they voted for to step up? The Executive Branch has certainly extended the olive branch, opened the door a crack and we continue to wait as the first response was the predictable venom and rejection. The posturing, the media dance, the pandering to the donor/overseer/owner class who have bought and paid for our legislative body for decades, has indeed corrupted our form of government. Is there a better argument for term limits than this? But seriously, how would term limits ever pass in Washington D.C.?  To our peril our founding fathers did not consider a career a serious thing, after all they all worked for their living.

My goal is not to incite or to incense, but to simply follow the money that corrupts completely in our nations capital, and state houses from sea to shining sea. The election of the 45th President has opened the curtain to the people at the controls of the Wizard of Oz. As preppers we are planners, we hedge our chances for survival by preparing for the worst case scenario. We hope upon hope it doesn’t come to pass, we offer an open hand to compromise while keeping our options open and the security of self and family always within reach.

When I was in the military I lived from pay period to pay period, I was 19 and it was really my first away from home life experience. Missing two months pay would have been my personal Armageddon – I was not a field-grade officer or above.

Chicken is a dangerous game when one side has no fear of the other or concern for the innocent bystanders, the collateral as one politician referred to above called her constituents.

Be safe out there, and keep your ear to the wind.

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Does Corporal Punishment Better Prepare One for the Real World?

12 Jan

Written by Wild Bill on The Prepper Journal.

Editors Note: A guest contribution from Soma Chakrabotry to The Prepper Journal. One I have been wrestling with for some time as regular followers will remember. A touchy subject perhaps in a world overrun with PC morality in the place of a backbone but one that has merit and deserves to be aired, and preparing our families for the realities of the real world is basic to prepping and corporal punishment reflects the realities of the real world, the one outside of the internet, video games system, safe-spaces, and the make-believe of TV and the movies.

When I was 11 years old I had a friend who’s room looked to me like the inside of a Toy’s R Us. He had every toy I think I had ever seen. While playing in his house he used a word kids shouldn’t and his father immediately banished him to his room as punishment and told me to go home. All the way home all I could think about was his “punishment” because my parents believed in and practiced corporal punishment. I don’t know what kind of adult he became but I still considered him lucky as a child as any kid would have loved to be banished to his room full of toys.

The only edits I have made are to the grammar/readability and flow of Soma’s excellent work. 


We may have heard from an elder “You need a spanking” or “there have to be consequences” perhaps from a caring employer over a mistake at work. For some it reminds us of childhood days when spanking was a part of our relationship with our parents, disciplining us to learn the knots of the world, to instill that there are consequences to our actions, sometimes immediate ones, sometimes with the addition of a physiological “worry period” in anticipation of the punishment created by the words “just wait until your father/mother gets home!”

When Society Defines Rights and Wrongs  

The practice of spanking a child dates back to the Biblical ages and The Bible even advocates the practice of spanking as a safe methodology for reprimanding a child, without infliction of harm while at the same time, becoming a mode of imparting discipline. Spanking is a sharp flick of the hand or wooden–paddle held with the hand on the buttocks of the child. The idea is to make him or her feel the pain to understand that discipline has been broken and it needs reprimand with the buttocks being the usual point of contact, though slaps on hands can also instill a similar message. In my opinion strikes anywhere else are a problem and should be avoided.

According to some psychologists, spanking is embarrassing for the child because before inflicting the sting it requires baring the buttocks, that is, removing the clothes and then imparting the sting. Your call, not required in my opinion.

However there are those that believe baring the buttocks is a psychological method of helping the child come out of embarrassment and actually delivers a cathartic effect in the child’s psychology. Whatever the reality the truth is spanking is still considered a safe method of child reprimand all over the world.

It should be remembered that spanking is a private affair of disciplining and should be practiced in private with the child without any third person being present – even his or her sibling. Using the occasion to set an examples for others (siblings) by letting them watch is open for discussion between the parents as to its drawbacks vs its benefits. One has to remember that every child has prestige, a self image that we do not want to damage and peers can be cruel. The moment we break the privacy, not only does the child becomes shy or rebels, but the effect of spanking loses significance as the punishment becomes more central to the child’s memory than the act that brought it about.

There should be set rules so that the child learns to recognize what is acceptable and when and does not normally break the law to get the spanking. To establish disciplines parents must formulate some code of conduct and make it known to the child verbally. They should be sternly told what is not at all acceptable and that the violation of such conduct will call for reprimand in the way of a spanking. Parents need to articulate lines such as “at no point of time shall I accept any lies or false statements from you. ” Parents’ personality plays a great deal in determining the discipline of the child. A lofty personality, as in one where the parents sets the standard that they are the parent and not a friend, means that the child knows when they are serious and does not normally cross the stated boundary line, but if they do a spanking is to be expected because they broke the code.

To keep the gravity of spanking it should not be used too frequently and used only when the matter is serious and warrants the disciplining. There should be no false threats given to the child. If threats are given and spanking not practiced, the child will develop the habit to take the threat casually and refrain from disciplining himself/herself since there are no real consequences to their actions. Hence it is always advisable to speak less of spanking as a threat as to practice it in reality.

The age group that is fit for spanking is two to four years old. This is because less than two years the child is innocent and does not commit any serious indiscipline which requires spanking. When the child grows more than five, he/she may not fear spanking anymore and needs some reinforced, stricter form of punishment, a removal/time-out NOT in a room filled with toys and distractions. This the Indian Pundit Chanakya has also told in his Sanskrit sloka. In fact he had told very nicely how to behave with children of different age-groups, a lesson which is still taken by masters as a golden rule of parenting/teaching.

Those who are dead set against spanking must realize that the child of the age group two to four only understands physical threat as a mode of disciplining. This is because their self-esteem is not very well grown and matured. With the fierce world laying its prey on child victims, that children often do not understand, the child must be made fearful of some method of immediate punishment which prevents him or her from venturing into the wilderness without the knowledge and guidance of parents. If children are not taught limitations, they will experiment which can be dangerous for them. Wild experimentation can become a trap to rob away their innocence or ruin them. Sparing the punishment is most of the time sparing the safety and guidance to childhood.

However, children are intelligent and sensitive; they must also understand the spankers right intention in disciplining them. Spanking works best when it is given out of unconditional love. Some spanking memories may become the treasure of the child when he or she grows up to a self-reliant matured man or woman, relishing the days of childhood van-guarded by parents and teachers. To be curt and courteous, because little kids also demands courtesy, the spanker should at some point of time make it clear that the next time the child must discipline himself so that such a situation can be avoided. It is natural that maybe at that point of time the child will cry some serene cries and want to relax on the lap of the spanker melting in his mind the little dynamites of remorse and complaints he or she has formed about the spanker.

A word of caution which should be strictly adhered is that no sweet caring nanny or grandma should try to save the child and stop the spanking because it demeans the estime of the spanker in the child’s mind, undermines his/her authority and gives the child the liberty to continue his or her childish menace without the fear of being reprimanded. Being the cause of sparing the rod is actually putting the child in the threshold of a danger called indiscipline and this can often lead the coveted child astray.

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How Do We Prep for Possible Gridlock

2 Jan

Written by Wild Bill on The Prepper Journal.

Seriously, as preppers how do we prepare for government gridlock? While I need to set the stage this post is ultimately about some steps we can take as preppers as to how to cushion the impact from the ramping up of the blind hate that has defined our media and our government this past decade. It contains some suggestions as to how we might shield our self’s from the actions of the irresponsible that can so profoundly affect every aspect of our lives. How do we insulate our self’s from the actions of others that are intended to obstruct business as usual?

The Stage

Stories abound that the incoming House of Representatives leadership already has eighty-five (85) subpoenas “in the wings” for the Executive Branch, due to be unleashed this week. The singular clear intent being obstruction with the intent of impeachment. The period they are looking to some dozen years ago, when this President was a Democrat, fails to registered on their closed minds. The incoming Attorney General of the State of New York has gone public that her office will investigate “everything Trump” as one of her priorities. In the formerly Free United States of America the Depart of Justice would never stand for this. But that ended a dozen years ago.

In both Venezuela and Crete the governments sized the bank accounts of corporations, private citizens and raided banks in search of assets from debtors. In these cases fiscal assets were gone with the stroke of a bureaucrats pen and backed up by an armed police against an unarmed citizenry. Could it happen here? We all still think no, not here, and we may be right, as long as the original checks and balances are in place and protected. But with the Justice Department running open-loop for the past 10 years, and now a majority in the lower House that has only an ax to grind as an agenda for 2019 and beyond, as preppers what steps should we consider?

The Financial

Physical assets such as gold, silver and currency being three-dimensional physical objects suddenly boil to the top of any discussion on securing your financial assets in the event of any seizure, any significant “disturbance in the force” to quote Star Wars. As preppers we have known this for awhile, and have discussed in detail other “after” commodities like medical supplies, food, and everything the ATF exists to control. And these may indeed become traded currencies in a world turned upside down, but the point here is how do we prepare for this which has not happened but just might and might inch its way in as opposed to suddenly dropping in our laps?

Do what we have been doing in building store and assets. Of course, but maybe we look into a little more cash and precious metals over the next 3-6 month as more important than additional food stocks and ammunition. (Never thought I would put those words together.)

And we can no longer have a discussion about monies without taking into consideration the crypto-currencies, which had a tough year in 2018. While there are “hard wallets” for crypto-currencies, places to store your “keys” and secure them from hacking, or sanctioned confiscation, they are still non-dimensional and therefore of little value in a SHTF or TEOTWAWKI scenario, and I would suggest a little immature still to count them in the short term. If their is upheaval the Internet will be one of the first victims, block chains will be gone and then what.

Government Services

This is where we need to really focus. If we are faced with government gridlock, with no action from government, what are the downsides? Libertarians may actually rejoice.

Some Seem Obvious:

The military will still operate, as will most government services having to do with security, with border security being a big unknown. FEMA and other emergency services should not be touched, as they are political suicide for either party to try and affect negatively. Mostly inaccurate weather information will continue to be dispensed to your local TV stations, social programs will remain their own sacred cows, the grids should not fail, and the pseudo-government Postal Service will get those credit card bills from Christmas to you eventually. Our normal principled prepping should provide us the safety net we seek however, paying attention to the nuances that slip out from the government occasionally would be a wise use of ones time.

Health Care:

The likelihood that the ACA will continue to cripple our ability to actually obtain affordable healthcare is something to consider. It remains an oppressive financial obligation on working families and little if anything can be expected to change so preppers should look into alternative medicines, focusing more on healthy habits in nutrition, exercise and all the other things our doctors always harp about. It may be time to listen to them more. To actually set some goals (it is New Years after all) and make it a family project to hold each other accountable for them. A little more focus here is a good thing no matter what.

Border Security:

You no longer want hear about it and I no longer want to speak of it. I could go on ad nauseam but preppers know full well what is at stake here and what the real issues are. It is truly sad that we are forced to continue to observe this political theater. It is a never-ending story that has a straight-forward closing act yet no one will finally step up and pull the trigger.

It isn’t like the current President hasn’t tried, but the swamp is indeed deep and entrenched and its tentacles spread to every state and every court in the land. Those of us in border states see this daily. Our options, prayer and keeping our powder dry, it worked a few hundred years ago.

The Media:

Yes, I consider the Media a government service, but just of one side of the government. The only thing I am not sure of is which one controls the other. I could go on again ad nauseam but that is not why we are here. As preppers we need to do more that google for information, we need to find some credible sources and even then we need to pick apart the content. No media outlet is every going to be harshly critical of anyone who might purchase its advertising services, be it what ever medium, print, web, TV or radio, so analyze everything and be skeptical.

A better solution may be to simply turn the devices off and focus on those in your circle of friends and family. That may be the best medicine for your mental health and your chances of getting restful and beneficial sleep as well. One other suggestion is to share with like minded people your observations, as opposed to the cat videos on FaceBook or other social media platforms. Look into MeWe as a social media alternative to FaceBook, but always remember the words of those who have held high-level government security clearances – if you want to keep something a secret NEVER say it into a phone or type it on a keyboard/keypad.

A majority of preppers are accustomed to not waiting for the government to solve our problems, rescue us, feed us and our families. We are better prepared for what may come than most already. Life really does not end when the internet goes down, if you can teach your teenagers this then you are doing parenting right.

Like everything we do we just need to follow our basic premise:

  • Have a plan
  • Review the possible deviations from the plan and what could cause them
  • Gather data
  • Revise our plans as required
  • Repeat

Perhaps we review the possible deviations more frequently as these next 3-6 months play out.

I have to admit that I have had, for more than six (6) months, a guest contribution on spanking and how it can be cathartic for children. It is well written and has a lot of excellent references. The new “social delicacies” have kept it in my files. While I may not publish it I will admit that the option of introducing our elected representatives to corporal punishment always brings a smile to my face.

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Welcome to 2019

1 Jan

Written by Wild Bill on The Prepper Journal.

Happy New Year to all from The Prepper Journal!

As we leave the Chinese Year of the Dog and move into the Year of the Pig, let us all remember the joys and the trials of the past year, file them away to success or lessons learned and look forward to a year of new hope and opportunity.

And while we hope for the best this is not the time to let our guard down, to let our preps dwindle or decrease, but to reaffirm why we prepare. These past two years have seen world-wide upheaval from revolts against globalist governments to wars unending to natural disasters unimpeded.

As you either continue the party started last night, or recover from it in preparation for resuming your normal routine tomorrow, keep in mind that things reaped now are what prepares us for the rainy days ahead. Be safe, be happy for the respite from life, be suspect of everything you read and hear and now, with the maturing of Photoshop, what you see as well.

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How Do You Prep For a Government Shutdown

21 Dec

Written by Wild Bill on The Prepper Journal.

Editors Note: Did a shutdown happen? Or did the never-ending circus in Washington D.C. continue with business as usual, $10,000,000,000 earmarked as aid to Mexico and Central America, and no funding for a Border Wall, or security? (Those nations need our $10,000,000,000 for what exactly? And it is an emergency because? I am fuzzy on all this.)

Was it the same “next time” argument fed to a populace numb from government inaction? The Prepper Journal is winging it’s way away for the Christmas Holiday and while I will look this morning, I will do my best to tune out the on-going nightmare from the Northeast. Either way the information below should be of value to preppers, for today, or for the same old lame threats “the next time.”

Google says “In United States politics, a government shutdown occurs when Congress fails to pass or the President fails to sign appropriations: legislation funding federal government operations and agencies.” And in typical fashion, I had to edit that statement to correct the typo’s.

Google also says “In fact, in the four decades since the current system for budgeting and spending tax dollars has been in effect, Congress has managed to pass all its required appropriations measures on time only four times: in fiscal 1977 (the first full fiscal year under the current system), 19891995 and 1997.” And these are the people we continue to reelect.

So that would be under Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and twice under Bill Clinton. An even split (and zero success since.) So, for an endless stream of political theater reruns, a worn out stage for grandstanding and threats, this game of chicken with American citizens lives and fortunes, is business as usual to the occupiers of government. That is how I see 4 out of 41: No NFL quarterback or coach and no MLB player or manager, would keep his job with those stats. For that fact no coach at the college level as well. A better one is would you fly an airline that has a success rate of 4 out of 41 successful landings?

And what will happen, the doom and gloom is everywhere. For every article saying one thing you can find another saying the opposite.

Who Gets Shut Down

As preppers we prepare and the basic services that the federal government provides us will remain in place. While Yosemite and Yellowstone may be closed, the military is still on duty though they will not get paid until Congress appropriates the monies. As CBS News states – Only once Congress acts will the military be paid. According to the Department of Defense, the military, along with “essential” civilians, will not be paid until funds are appropriated. Troops will continue to earn their paychecks but won’t receive them unless and until a new spending bill that includes back pay is passed.” So they take yet another one for the team in this on-going demonstration of what failed in the sandbox over toys in kindergarten is still the mainstay of negotiating tactics of these mature adults, our elected representatives.

That hurts. But then we always lose when adults act as children, or criminals.

Social Security and other government entitlements will continue as scheduled.

The grocery stores will receive their regular deliveries and supplies will be available and should a disaster strike FEMA and the American Red Cross and other agencies will step up. Utilities will be unaffected and the internet will still be available, avoiding the crisis ever parent fears the most, having their child meltdown and then having to occupy them in other ways.

But THIS Shutdown May Be Different

The unparalleled hate that exudes from every pore of every Washington D.C. insider for this President can not be denied. New members of the House of Representative who ran on this platform of hate, impediment and even impeachment were just elected and will further this agenda in the new year. The incoming Attorney General of New York has vowed to investigate everything and everyone associated with Trump in any way. Silly me, I thought they were elected to investigate crimes, not manufacture them. The witch-hunters of Salem are alive and well and embodied in every branch of our local, state and federal governments.

The point here is that this dinner table is set like none before it. No chair is safe and the traps are set everywhere. And a shutdown presents an opportunity to punish those that are not responsible. As preppers this really is a call to embrace Santa Clause’s basic rule, making a list and checking it twice. Reviewing supplies, plans and assets. The Prepper Journal has written before about the financial planning one should consider and this may become a string of rainy days as the old rules of compromise, civility and a desire to do what is best for the country are gone. We can only hope that our military personnel have had the opportunity to put away some cash, and they have the support of family to help them should this not be settled in a day.

Since I will get roasted for bringing up politics in the first place, even thought this event is happening on the day it is being posted, I will add two more points to consider.

When I Googled “government shutdowns before 2018” the first sixteen (16) items returned were about today’s proposed shutdown. And the results of a search for “how many times did the government shutdown during Obama’s presidency” had similar results, the first seven (7) items returned were again about today’s shutdown. My reason for the search is that during the 2013 government shutdown, which lasted sixteen (16) days, a total of 841,000 “non-essential” government workers were furloughed. When they returned to work they were given their back pay and any other benefits that would have been earned (vacations, sick leave. etc.)

The result:

  • at that time we had 841,000 “non-essential” government employees on full salaries and benefits in the Federal Government
  • Each and everyone received a 16-day vacation on us

But there was a glimmer of bright light then as well as the World War II Monument in Washington D.C. had guards posted to turn away visitors. The light comes from the fact that this is a static monument, has no staff and has no gates or fences. The shutdown government actually paid a private security service to deny people access to a facility that normally has no control on its access.

This, as much as mother nature, is why we should all prep. Today’s shutdown may not even happen but the Sword of Damocles still hands above us.

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