Jose Mourinho believes Salford City backer Peter Lim is plotting his downfall at Manchester United – reports

13 Oct

Jose Mourinho believes the super-rich backer of Salford City is behind a campaign to get him sacked from his post at Manchester United, according to a close friend of the Portuguese.

The United boss has recently spoke of a “manhunt” against him – and it has been suggested that businessman Peter Lim could be behind it.

Lim has a 50 per cent stake in Salford City

Mourinho suggested it was a media manhunt but the Lim conspiracy theory has been made public by Eladio Parames, Mourinho’s aide and close friend, in his column for Portuguese newspaper Record.

Parames, 69, has known Mourinho since he was a child and has been described as his “right-hand man”.

In his column, Parames stated: “It is the money-man from Singapore who is managing, controlling and supporting this campaign (why do you think Mourinho has made reference to a manhunt?) trying to discredit the man from Setubal and then buy the club.”

Mourinho reportedly believes Lim has ambitions to buy the Red Devils and would have a much better chance of doing so if the ex-Chelsea manager is no longer in charge.

The 55-year-old’s agent Jorge Mendes helped billionaire Lim, whose net worth is estimated to be around £2billion, buy Valencia in 2014.

The Singaporean also has a 50 per cent stake in Salford City, whose co-owner and United legend Paul Scholes accused Mourinho of “embarrassing the club” after a goalless draw against Valencia in the Champions League earlier this month.