The Prepper Journal Store is Open for Business

11 Apr

Written by Wild Bill on The Prepper Journal.

Everyday we are adding new and different prepping supplies at some great prices.

I mean, really, who else has only Blue Waivian Jerry cans? The fact that we already sold all the Red and Green ones we had attests to our great pricing!

More than forty (40) different items and growing day by day.

Check it out for yourself!

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Our Store is Open for Business

20 Feb

Written by Wild Bill on The Prepper Journal.

The Prepper Journal Store is “Open for Business”!

Softly (quietly) launched this past weekend, it is now up and running with some serious prepper supplies for those serious about their preparations for self and family. Look for new items to be added almost daily as we vet the necessary and the gotta haves. If you know of a product preppers shouldn’t have to face a disaster without drop us an email and we’ll check it out. 

This week, the best trauma kit a prepper can buy, is in the store now.

The Prepper Journal is proud to offer a unique 2nd-party trauma kit that is every preppers dream. A true no fluff, pure function, full featured individual first aid kit. The AR500 Armor® Vacuum Sealed Trauma Kit contains the necessities to combat severe trauma wounds, with an emphasis on bleeding sustained from gunshots, stabbing weapons or encounters with wildlife that got way too close and personal. And in true prepper fashion it is vacuum sealed for extended shelf-life, a true purchase, store and forget until it is needed item.

With a uniquely compact profile, measuring smaller than two M4 magazines (I for one love our unique units of measurement), their Vacuum Sealed Trauma Kit fits into any double M4 magazine pouch, whilst including a full-size tourniquet! Don’t take the risk, own a trauma kit and be prepared! It also fits into any prepper bag from BOB (bug out bag) to SHTF (stuff hits the fan) to NCHA (never coming home again) to TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it) and everything in between – gym bag, bike bag, glove compartment, car bag, and even your off to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving bag where it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between grandpa’s turkey carving and his flashbacks to his Katana and Gendai Budo combat training.

And yes, we will have the “one more flashlight and just another lantern and the knife you can’t live without” later, as we fill out our offerings, but the initial focus is on the medical that isn’t sold in every storefront or easy to find on Amazon, and the ones WE have tested with EMT’s and first responders and can stand behind. Being added this week is the Dynarex Triangular Bandage ($1.00), a true prepper multi-function medical aid and their ActiSplint ($10.00) splint – both compact, lightweight and proven by EMT’s and inexpensive enough to order in quantity. 

And when we get the light, the lantern and knife they will be ones we have vetted in field trials.

Add to your muscle-memory training by clicking on our store to see what is new each time you visit The Prepper Journal to read its unique content.

And of course, coming soon, there will be our patches!  What better way to distinguish your BOB from your kids backpack when you are on your way out due to an emergency or disaster? 

Take a look on your site visits, hopefully we will both surprise and interest you. Be safe out there!

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Prepping Gone a Little Mad

8 Feb

Written by Wild Bill on The Prepper Journal.

The end of the complacent world where others control their fate is staring the United Kingdom in the face and the stories of their leap into prepping are lessons for us all.

What happened to the Empire upon which the Sun never set? In 1973 they joined the European Union and ostensibly gave up their sovereignty to the bureaucrats of Brussels, the first real “one-world” government experiment. And now that the generations of Britain’s who have never lived without the shadow of Brussels over them have reached their age of rational thought the panic of being responsible for themselves is setting in and we as preppers can take some lessons from their sudden interest in preparedness. BTW, a generation is defined as between 22-33 years, so in the 46 years since they joined the EU they have raised 1.7 generations. Preceding generation have not yet died off and have to be somewhat amused to some extent.

To quote Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper:

This being Britain, people are not retreating to underground bunkers, as America’s “Doomsday preppers” do, and Britons are more likely to hoard toilet paper than weaponry. But with time running out and negotiations at a delicate point, some Britons are preparing for a crisis that could upend their way of life.

“People are talking about World War II and rationing,” said Ms. Mann, a former midwife. “People have also been talking about the blackouts in the 1970’s, and how power was rationed.”

“This has the potential of being a combination of the two,” she said.

The government of Prime Minister Theresa May dismisses such talk, but its own ministers have published contingency plans for an exit on March 29 without a deal, and for the first time since the end of rationing in the 1950’s, Britain has a minister responsible for food supplies. More ominously, the government has advertised job openings in emergency planning. (source)”

The “(source)” quoted above is the ever truthful pillar of integrity, the New York Times. Ms. Lindsey then goes on to use the the saga of Super-storm Sandy 2012 as an example of how unprepared the people of the Northeast were, and most likely remain (the full text of her article is in the link above.)

As for the British the truth be told they have to stockpile toilet paper because they aren’t actually allowed to stockpile weapons, not even knives in their nations capital and this is for a peaceful transition back to control and sovereignty, not a doomsday SHTF, TEOTWAWKT scenario, but try and tell them that.

The stories abound about seaports suddenly being closed or gridlocked within this island nation that for centuries ruled the Seven Seas. Sprinkle in the normal stories of market shelves emptied, shortages of everything, and the real prospect of an interruption in the convenient life that they are accustom to for a period of time and their reactions become a case study in perhaps a little over reaction, but more a fast-track to beginning prepping. The light bulb above their heads has noted that they have seven (7) weeks and counting with a government that really has no solid planning in place. Note that their government has been more and more omnipresent in their everyday lives than we would ever (hopefully) accept and there is still just under 50% of the population that wants to remain under the thumb of Brussels.

This is not an indictment of the British people who throughout history have demonstrated resilience to hardship that few nations can match, but of generations facing a bump in the night and letting their imaginations perhaps run away with them a little.

The changes will be at the highest level of government, business and trade and trade agreements. This nation, the size of Alabama, has fifteen (15) refineries to keep providing the same products they have been producing since the 1950’s, and fifteen (15) nuclear power generating stations – Alabama has four (4). And with a population of sixty-six million (66,000,000), the same as California and Texas combined, fuel supplies should not be a major concern, or gridlock, or an ingeniously timed invasion from outer space.

Opportunity to Learn 

What it is for us is an opportunity to watch, live, a microcosm of how the unprepared will react and learn from it for our own planning. From now until March 29th, and certainly for the two weeks past that date, the United Kingdom is going to give us a preview of economic change – I predict it, like most other doomsday predictions will have some minor bumps but will mostly go unnoticed or not widespread. Time will prove me right or wrong. But it will show in real time how people react, we will get to see on a small scale the grasshoppers knocking on the ants doors.

As preppers we know that water, food and medical supplies should always be a concern and to that vein we can be encouraged that more and more people in the United Kingdom are actually starting to see this as a safety net for themselves and their families and not as a knee-jerk reaction to any media-fueled hysteria, of which there is plenty swirling around, as their media, like ours, lives in the one-world government camp.

To their credit the United Kingdom never sought to adopt the Euro as their official currency as a part of their membership in the European Union (EU); they secured an opt-out at the Euro’s creation via the Maastricht Treaty in 1992. This makes the separation back to sovereignty so much easier and straight forward. As an aside, I found it interesting that the original countries that started the EU who had a monarchy did not originally adopt the Euro, kept their currency honoring their royals for a period of time. And the Euro, once $1.38 vs the dollar is today $1.14. It will be interesting to see how it reacts to the March 29th withdrawal of the United Kingdom. The British Pound Sterling is valued at $1.30 and how it floats over the transition period will be another trend to watch.

Welcome back to self-determination Beefeaters.

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That Droning Noise is Getting Louder

11 Jan

Written by Wild Bill on The Prepper Journal.

The Prepper Journal has posted a number of articles on the coming of drones to our daily lives and if you put your ear to the west wind, and have really excellent hearing, the buzz from Australia is getting louder and louder.

Alphabet, Inc., the holding company that owns Google, is using Australia’s capital city as a test bed for that which we all saw coming – delivery by drone of almost anything that does’t exceed the lift capacity of the craft. Wings, the Google company is actively doing testing by delivering everything from hot chocolate (in aerodynamic containers) to sunblock in Canberra.

And reading the news story on Wings (link provided above) this is becoming more and more of a reality coming to us all, and perhaps a concern when we think of our privacy and our personal security. Even Hollywood has long understood this and has been using drones as the tools of bad guys with bad intentions in movies from Star Wars, to Oblivion to Upgrade.

For our part our past posts on drones have been:

Force Multipliers – Should Preppers Consider Using Drones

We Promise No Armed Drones in America

Drone Countermeasures

Power to Do Good

This is one of the “brave new world” items that we will get to see from its humble beginnings to its ubicious coming of age, much like people born in the 1970’s and early 1980’s saw the spread of cellular phones and mobile devices, as the people at the turn of the 20th century saw the horse replaced by the automobile.

The applications are as endless as the imagination, from search and rescue, to delivering supplies to places where other vehicles can’t go, to clearing flight paths and runways of hazards. As preppers their application for scouting, security and area control and hunting are just a few of the ways they will make TEOTWAWKI a different animal in the very near future. I joked when Amazon first floated the idea of delivery by drone “trap shooting with prizes” was a favorite (in spite of all the city ordinances on firing weapons, noise, and on and on.)

Other robots have been work horses for decades, like bomb squads robots, complete with mounted weapons that can be aimed and fired remotely. We’ll leave the military drones that deliver Hellfire missiles and are controlled through our satellite networks by operators thousands of miles away to others, thought a re-read of Pat Henry’s post on “We Promise No Armed Drones in America” is worth a review.

Edmonton International Airport, like many others, is using robirds to keep bird flocks away from runways. But they also annoy neighbors and scare dogs.

NASA is already developing a biodegradable drone:

A lot of interesting possible uses with this one. Can’t quite cast your lure/bate from shore to that sweet spot where you know all the fish hide, well, there is a drone that can help. What better way to access crop damage after a violent hail storm? How better to search for that one cow who moved away from your herd? Again the benefits are endless.

The Realities

These are perhaps as close to flying cars as those of us alive now are going to see and of course as soon as they are making money there will lawyers involved, right-of-way issues, definition of operating zones to not only define where they can be used but where they can’t because of other structures (above ground utility lines, airports, no-fly government zones, etc.) NASA is already developing an Air-Traffic Management System for Unmanned Air Vehicles. And we could go on almost forever on the liabilities, the insurance required, operator licensing for those designated as commercial vehicles (politicians licking their chops as to licensing fees, taxes, right-of-usage airways, pretty much anything they can tax they will.)

The Preppers Reality

As in the articles above we still have two basic issues, the advantages of drones to be our eyes and the disadvantage that they can be others eyes. They are Big Brothers dream come true. In London there are few public places where a government camera is not photographing you, and now they are adding drones to their network. Has it provided a benefit? The crime statistics don’t support that premise and are misleading as they don’t single out London because well, the public doesn’t need to know.

With drones becoming as commonplace as cell phones, the testing in Canberra being a long step forward, one can envision a world where the government will have the ability, as we do now on our computer devices, to “Point, Click and Delete” just about anything and anyone anywhere. Just a few minutes on YouTube will bring this home to non-believers. Is getting sunblock delivered in 9 minutes as opposed to having to spend 25 minutes to drive to the store and get it worth the loss of anonymity and privacy, on our own property? Sadly the question is moot as market pressures and money are going to bring this about. All we can do is add it to our planning, dig deeper into effective countermeasures and get on with our lives.

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Welcome to 2019

1 Jan

Written by Wild Bill on The Prepper Journal.

Happy New Year to all from The Prepper Journal!

As we leave the Chinese Year of the Dog and move into the Year of the Pig, let us all remember the joys and the trials of the past year, file them away to success or lessons learned and look forward to a year of new hope and opportunity.

And while we hope for the best this is not the time to let our guard down, to let our preps dwindle or decrease, but to reaffirm why we prepare. These past two years have seen world-wide upheaval from revolts against globalist governments to wars unending to natural disasters unimpeded.

As you either continue the party started last night, or recover from it in preparation for resuming your normal routine tomorrow, keep in mind that things reaped now are what prepares us for the rainy days ahead. Be safe, be happy for the respite from life, be suspect of everything you read and hear and now, with the maturing of Photoshop, what you see as well.

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Tips to Prepare Your House for Future Disasters

26 Nov

Written by Guest Contributor on The Prepper Journal.

Editors Note: An article from Dennis to The Prepper Journal. A sponsored post promoting choices in home warranties. I am posting this because it serves two purposes – it contains some good prepping tips and my being saddled with a poor choice in a home warranty, my own fault, I hope to help others avoid the same mistake.

As always, if you have information for Preppers that you would like to share then enter into the Prepper Writing Contest with a chance to win one of three Amazon Gift Cards with the top prize being a $300 card to purchase your own prepping supplies!

Indeed, precaution is better than cure. This cannot be more practical in our everyday life. No matter what we are doing, we should expect the best but at the same time, be prepared for the worst things that can happen.

You know why it is called home sweet home? Because it is your only personal space in this vast world.  It is the place where your children took their first steps, it’s the place where you take a rest when tired and a place where you sleep peacefully. You would never want anything bad to happen to your home, right?

While hurricanes and floods and even a tsunami come with warnings, sometimes days before the event, sometimes with precious few hours, things like tornadoes and wildfires can come with little warning, a simple shift in winds, and earthquakes come with no warnings at all. We always need to be prepared for the worst.

I lost everything when my house was wrecked by a hurricane that hit my city, so trust me I know how much I regret not doing anything before it happened.

Do not repeat the same mistakes I did and prepare your house for future disaster. Here are some tips for you.

Tips to Prepare your House for Future Disasters:

Keep a Bag prepared:  In the event of a disaster, you might need to leave your house in a rush so what would you take? Prudence demands you keep some essential supplies packed and ready so you can rush out with them.

As per FEMA (Federal Management Agency), here is a list of essentials you must keep in the bag:

  1. Store at least 3 days’ worth of water and food
  2. Batteries
  3. First Aid Kit
  4. Flashlight and a radio
  5. Whistle
  6. Can opener for food
  7. Trash bag, dust mask, and a duct tape
  8. Maps
  9. Cellphone with charger
  10.  Towelettes

Preppers know that there is so much more that should be packed. Apart from these items, you should also keep items like snacks, a means of self defense, walking shoes, some extra cash; you just don’t know what infrastructure will survive. Make sure to keep these things stored and re-check the bag every 6-months to remove the expired foods, medications etc.

A Home Warranty: If you have ever bought a home, then you should know about insurance. Homeowner insurance covers any external damage to your house like fire, theft, storms, etc. It can also protect the contents and usually for a set amount. BUT, unless you have specifically insured, and paid for, coverage for expensive items such as art, jewelry, collections of value (guns, stamps, musical instruments, etc.) you are at financial risk.   Has your home owners policy been updated to reflect such things? 

However your home owners insurance is very limited in any coverage of equipment failure due to the normal use of items. For this a home warranty policy will cover all your appliances from microwaves to refrigerators to fans and everything, depending on the specific coverage purchased. They can also cover pools and pool equipment as well as your roof. KNOW what you are getting when you seek this type of insurance as there are lots of home warranties to choose from. This article has listed some of the best companies that offer home warranty insurance, as always, do your due diligence.

Fill up the gas containers: Get a 5500-watt generator, or equivalent and it will run about 8 hours on 5 gallons of gasoline, a necessary back up if you plan to shelter in place. Of course gas management is extremely critical here.

You never know when there can be a power outage, so just be prepared for it. Have full gas containers, and a generator can get you by until the electricity returns.

Prepare for power cuts: Whenever you get a power cut, the first thing to do is unplug all the appliances and electronics in your house. By unplugging all the appliance, you will be able to save them from electricity surges.  Of course you can mitigate this by installing surge protectors. Just leave a light plunged in a normal outlet, surge protector in place, as an indicator as to when grid power is restored.

Prepare for Hurricanes: You can prepare for hurricanes by boarding windows and securing potential flying debris. It will provide some measure of protection for your home and family and minimize some damage.

Prepare ahead of time and cut the plywood in proper dimensions so that you can use them immediately. Mark each with where they should go and mark them on the side that will face inward. Of course, installed storm shutters are a better solution, but they are a significant expense.

Keep an extra can of gas for your car at home and run with your vehicle always at half full instead of waiting for the “fuel low” indicator telling you to fuel up, you never know when you might need to evacuate the area and fighting for fuel should NOT be your first destination when you need leave.

Also, remove all the dirt and debris from the neighborhood. By getting rid of the dead trees and woods you can avoid the high storms from picking up the debris and making deadly projectiles out of it. If only California had done this on a planned, routine basis.

Put the Refrigerator in Coldest settings: In the time of any disaster, put the refrigerator on the coldest settings, so when the power goes out, you can keep the foods cold as long as possible. And keep the doors closed! If you need something from it get in and get out quickly. What child hasn’t heard their parent say “…so are you waiting for something to grow in there?” as they open the door and casually search for food items?

Also, unplug your refrigerator right after the power goes out to prevent it from malfunctioning when the power is back, unless, of course, you have installed the surge protectors.

Keep the insurance Papers: You should keep insurance papers close and safe all the time. It is recommended to keep all the insurance papers (including your home warranty and renter’s warranty) in your storm kit so that you do not lose them after things are back to normal.

As soon as things start to get back to normal, you will need those papers in order to get financial help and fix your house. Thus, keeping them in your storm kit is the best thing to do.

Think about your Pets: When bad weather is about to hit, you need to think about what to do with your pets. If you are forced to shelter them because you are forced to leave and the shelter in your area doesn’t have the facility or staff to manage them then you need to already know about shelters that allow pets, or facilities set up to care for them and plan to get them there safely. A basic pet owners responsibility.  Also, keep a picture of your pet in case they gets lost. Many states provide some great means for this, do your homework.


There you go, the 8 tips to prepare your house for future disasters. We hope you have enjoyed reading this article, keep them in mind and surely, they will help you out.

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