Greg Inglis: South Sydney Rabbitohs back caught drink-driving HOURS after being apointed Australia captain

1 Oct

Australia captain Greg Inglis has been charged with drink-driving just hours after being given the honour of leading the national team.

The South Sydney Rabbitohs back was named the Kangaroos’ skipper for the end-of-season Tests with New Zealand and Tonga on Monday.

Inglis had been playing in a tournament in Dubbo, New South Wales before being stopped by police

However, later that day Inglis was accused of exceeding the speed limit before giving a positive breath analysis reading.

New South Wales Police confirmed a 31-year-old man from Coogee was arrested and taken to Lithgow police station.

He had been playing at a tournament in Dubbo, New South Wales before being stopped by police.

A New South Wales Police spokesperson said: “Officers attached to the traffic and highway patrol command were conducting stationary speed enforcement when they detected a black Mercedes Benz travelling above the speed limit.”

“He underwent a breath analysis which allegedly returned a reading of 0.085. He was issued a field court attendance notice for mid-range PCA (prescribed concentration of alcohol) and a traffic infringement notice for exceed speed limit.”

Inglis is due to appear in Lithgow local court on November 22.

Sam Burgess commits future to NRL side South Sydney by signing new contract extension

5 Sep

Sam Burgess has committed the rest of his career to South Sydney after signing a four-year extension with the NRL club.

Despite being contracted until the end of 2019, the 29-year-old gave the club the ultimate boost on the eve of the finals after signing until 2023.

Burgess joined South Sydney in 2010

Burgess, who will be 34 when his new deal expires, said he is hanging up his boots at its conclusion. “I’d like to leave the game while I’m still playing good football,” he said. “I don’t want to play if I’m not doing the club justice and I’m not doing the right thing by the team.”

The England player started his career with four years at Bradford in the Super League before heading to Australia in 2010.

Burgess played for England at the rugby union World Cup

He had two years away from league between 2014 and 2015 for a stint in rugby union, but said he never envisaged leaving the club again.

“South Sydney gave me an opportunity as a young kid and little did I know nine years ago not only the impact it would have on my life, but my family’s life.

“It’s been a great journey from a small town in the north of England to given a chance to play in the biggest rugby league competition in the world.”

He won the NRL in 2014