Sasha Banks tried to quit WWE following WrestleMania 35 but the company refused

12 Apr

Rumours have been rampant in the past few months that several WWE stars are prepared to leave the company since All Elite Wrestling’s inception.

However, the latest desired departure has nothing to do with AEW and everything to do with WWE.

Sasha Banks came close to beating Ronda Rousey at the Royal Rumble

Multiple outlets are reporting that Sasha Banks tried to quit the company following WrestleMania 35.

Dave Meltzer says, via NoDQ  Banks was furious with her and Bayley having to drop the Women’s Tag Team titles at WrestleMania and she was ‘under the impression’ that they would be given a decent run to establish the titles and give them credibility.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful has said that WWE has no intention of letting Banks out of her contract and they are hoping Bank’s initial fury will die down.

Essentially, WWE has given Banks a few weeks to cool down and to save her making a rash decision.

Earlier this week, Banks cancelled an appearance on the Wendy Williams show at the very last minute for what she stated was a family emergency.

Since then, she has been shown in posts on Instagram holidaying with her partner and Kalisto and his partner. That’s led to some fans questioning whether Banks just decided to no-show the appearance because she was angry with the WWE.

It’s understandable that Banks might be angry if the WWE have gone back on their word and, more importantly, they probably were the right team to establish those titles.

In the end, they only got a five-week run and did not get a chance to defend the belts on all brands like they insisted they would.

WWE gossip column: Seth Rollins’ and Roman Reigns’ next feuds revealed and all of today’s top news

12 Apr

The Superstar Shakeup awaits us next week but there has been plenty of noise surrounding big changes in the WWE already.

Let’s dig into the rumours:

Vince McMahon cutting a promo on Raw

Vince McMahon fired a WWE writer at the Hall of Fame

The WWE chairman has a rule about talents not saying his name during their Hall of Fame induction speeches. When Bret Hart did just that during his speech, McMahon was so furious he reportedly fired the writer of Hart’s speech on the spot right in the gorilla position.

X-Pac confirmed this story on his podcast but what’s really unbelievable is that D-Generation X went on to say Vince’s name over and over again during their speech after seeing him get so mad earlier in the night and they suffered zero consequences.

Injury updates

It appears that Daniel Bryan did not appear on the shows after WrestleMania because he suffered an injury during his match with Kofi Kingston on Sunday.

AJ Styles currently has a hip injury but it appears that Drew McIntyre did not injure himself during SmackDown’s main event. Dave Meltzer says the Scot leaving before the finish was always the plan.

The New Daniel Bryan
The New Daniel Bryan as WWE champ

Next feuds for Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

According to Cageside Seats, live event advertisements has given away some of the top feuds moving forward.

Seth Rollins is set to work with Drew McIntyre over the Universal title while Roman Reigns is going to face Baron Corbin. It will be interesting to see if the Superstar Shakeup effects those feuds.

Raw Results 23/5 – MITB Main Event set, Charlotte dumps Ric and Enzo returns
Seth Rollins, Shane McMahon and Roman Reigns

Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole make history

Dave Meltzer’s infamous star system has been something contentious amongst fans for years now.

The main event of NXT TakeOver: New York saw Gargano beat Cole for the NXT title and Meltzer gave the match 5.5 stars – his highest ever rating for a WWE match.

Gargano and Cole stole the weekend

WWE gossip column: News on Dean Ambrose’s next move, the real plan for Wrestlemania 35 finish and all of today’s top news

10 Apr

The WWE has done its business in New York and WrestleMania week is behind us.

With the Superstar Shakeup next week, we take a look at the rumours floating around the wrestling business.

Vince McMahon & Triple H with Stephanie McMahon all run WWE

Drew McIntyre injured on SmackDown?

The main event of SmackDown saw The New Day face off against The Bar and Drew McIntyre.

A fan in attendance noted that McIntyre was struggling during the commercial break and was waving his hands to signal distress.

Rousey/Lynch/Flair finish

After some initial conflicting reports, the general consensus now seems to be that the WM35 main event finish went as planned.

Both Sports Illustrated and Dave Meltzer concur on that and the belief is the WWE want to use that as a way to have Lynch Vs Rousey down the road.

The main event of WrestleMania 35 – Becky Lynch Vs Ronda Rousey Vs Charlotte Flair

EC3 and Drake Maverick reunited?

In a SmackDown dark match, EC3 faced Luke Harper (and lost) but he did so with Drake Maverick managing him.

Maverick – known as Rockstar Spud in Impact – performed the same role for EC3 in that company.

Dean Ambrose’s plans

Ryan Satin has reported that sources inside WWE have told him that Ambrose isn’t actually leaving the company.

By the same token, others have told him that the former WWE champion has started looking at independent bookings. Interestingly, Ambrose is still advertised with WWE throughout April.

Dean Ambrose left lying by Bobby Lashley during his last Raw appearance

WrestleMania 37 location

We already know that WrestleMania will head to Tampa next year, but in 2021 it seems like Los Angeles is the front runner according to

Arash Markazi.

The new $6 billion Inglewood Stadium being built for the L.A. Rams is set to complete in 2020 and will hold just over 80,000 people. The NFL would like the Super Bowl there in 2022 and WrestleMania is viewed as the perfect tester one year prior on April 4.

Full transcript of Seth Rollins’ tribute to Dean Ambrose and Ambrose’s WWE farewell speech after Raw went off he air

9 Apr

On the Raw after WrestleMania we saw Dean Ambrose bow out at the hands of Bobby Lashley and the announcers’ table.

It was billed as Ambrose’s final appearance and the former Shield man let the company know months ago that he would not renew his WWE deal that expired after WrestleMania 35.

Dean Ambrose left lying by Bobby Lashley during his last Raw appearance

His Shield brother Seth Rollins won the Universal title from Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania and closed out Raw tagging with WWE champion Kofi Kingston against The Bar.

Following their victory, Rollins brought Roman Reigns out – who had not appeared on Raw – and The Shield had their very own curtain call.

WWE have not released the footage, but here is the full transcript of what was said.

SETH ROLLINS: That title being around my waist tonight doesn’t happen without Dean Ambrose. No one prepared me for Brock Lesnar more than Dean Ambrose. No one prepared me to come out here and do what I do, every single night more than Dean Ambrose. I learned so much from this man and it breaks my heart to see him go, but I love you so much my friend.

The crowd begins chanting, “Please don’t go.”

ROLLINS: I tried that one guys. It didn’t work, I promise….I just wanted to tell you I love you. I wanted to tell you thank you. If you wanted to say anything to these fine people in Brooklyn, the stage is yours.

DEAN AMBROSE: One of the sweetest sights that I have ever seen as a guy who busted his ass for this company, for this locker room, who has dragged his broken, dead body through every highway, through every single building all across this country and the world right alongside my brothers, my best friends, The Shield…the sweetest sight I ever saw was Seth Rollins stomping Brock Lesnar’s big dumb lunchbox head into the mat, pinning him and holding that Universal Championship over his head, bringing it back to the boys.

[The crowd cheers.]

One of the other sweetest things I’ve ever seen was just recently when we saw Roman Reigns kick the sh** out of cancer and come back on Monday Night Raw. [Crowd cheers.] I love this building. I know some of you probably aren’t even from New York City, you know. You came here from all over the world.

[Crowd cheers.]

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose as tag team champions

I love this building. I love the Barclays Center. We opened up the Barclays Center. The very first WWE ever show, first ever pay-per-view, TLC whatever year that was. I’m getting very old. I can’t remember. My very first WWE PPV match, TLC, we got thrown to the wolves. Arn Anderson called us ‘two indy schmucks and a football player’. Like Seth said, we walked that aisle and we tore it up and we took our spot. I have a lot of great memories in this building. That match is probably my favorite match I’ve ever had. Winning the Tag Team Championships with Seth Rollins at Summerslam right here in this ring, in this building. But, here’s the big thing you’ve got to remember… a building is just a building. It’s just brick and mortar and it’s wood and nails.

What makes the building is the fans and there are no fans in the world like you, the fans who come all over the world to be here on WrestleMania week to come watch, to come to all the different shows and to stay and sit through three friggin’ hours of Monday Night Raw and sit here and be here tonight and listen to us talk. So, without you, there isn’t any us. Screw this building. The important thing is the people who fill it and that’s you, so we want to thank you once again.

Thanks to PW Insider for the transcription.

It’s unclear what’s next for Ambrose. He’ll more than likely take a break from the business. As for Reigns and Rollins, their destinies will rest on what happens in the Superstar Shakeup next week.

WWE gossip column: Ronda Rousey has made her final WWE appearance for a long time, AJ Styles injured and all of today’s top news

9 Apr

WrestleMania season is just one night away from being over and the WWE would have to consider the last week or so a massive success.

With just SmackDown left tonight, let’s get into the wrestling gossip:

Vince McMahon is the key decision-maker for the WWE
Vince McMahon is the key decision-maker for the WWE

AJ Styles injured

The former two-time WWE champion will not appear on SmackDown tonight after he suffered an injury in his match with Randy Orton at WrestleMania.

Mike Johnson is reporting that Styles is dealing with a hip injury and he has already left New York.

AJ Styles (left) and Randy Orton (right) had a fantastic match at WrestleMania 35

Ronda Rousey has made final WWE appearance

Rousey’s last advertised WWE appearance was set to be on Raw last night, but after she broke her hand in the WrestleMania 35 main event she was pulled.

The UFC Hall of Famer was going to take time off anyway and plans to start a family with husband Travis Browne. Don’t expect to see her in WWE for at least a year.

Ronda Rousey is set to take a break from WWE

Rollins Vs Lesnar opener was a last minute decision

Dave Meltzer of noted that WWE changed the match order for WrestleMania very late: “Believe it or not the show had already started. They rearranged the order of the show that [the Universal Title] match would go on after they had already started. It was actually 5:30 local time before the switch was made to put them on first.”

Meltzer went on to say that Hulk Hogan had no idea what Paul Heyman was doing when he came out during his segment.

Seth Rollins defeats Brock Lesnar

Bret Hart’s Hall of Fame attacker explains why is reporting that Zachary Madsen, the man identified as Bret Hart’s attacker at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, told police: “I just felt like it was the right moment.”

Hart and a security officer were taken to hospital as a precaution following the attack but they were later released. Hart had been complaining of discomfort in his hip as a result.


WWE Raw after WrestleMania: The Shield have ‘curtain call’ after Raw goes off the air and Dean Ambrose gives final brilliant promo

9 Apr

The Shield will go down as one of the greatest factions in the history of the business. That’s not up for debate.

Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose are three men that have all been world champions and are all grand slam champions.

The Shield in 2018

However, Ambrose had his final night with the WWE tonight on the Raw After WrestleMania.

The Lunatic Fringe advised the company that he would not be renewing his WWE deal after WrestleMania 35 and he wasn’t given a spot on the card as a result.

His last act on Raw was taking a beating from Bobby Lashley, but after the show, The Shield had themselves their very own curtain call.

Rollins said before bringing out Ambrose: “Dean Ambrose, I love you. Would you please come out here so I can tell you to your face.”

Ambrose delivered an impassioned promo to the Barclays Center crowd and also managed to take a seemingly genuine shot at Brock Lesnar in the process.

He talked about the memories they have made in the Barclays Center before The Shield did their signature pose one final time.

It’s not clear what Ambrose’s next move will be just yet but one has to think the door is always open for a return to the WWE whenever he is ready.

WWE Raw after WrestleMania: Fans angrily chant ‘AEW’ after WWE ruins Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston winner take all match

9 Apr

Seth Rollins kicked off the Raw after WrestleMania proudly showing off the Universal title he won the night before from Brock Lesnar.

The Kingslayer was soon interrupted by an equally jubilant Kofi Kingston and out of the blue, the New Day man challenge Rollins to a winner take all match with both titles on the line.

Universal champion Seth Rollins and WWE champion Kofi Kingston

Drawing inspiration from the WrestleMania 35 main event that saw Becky Lynch win both of Charlotte Flair’s SmackDown Women’s title and Ronda Rousey’s Raw Women’s title, Kingston laid down the gauntlet.

Rollins accepted and the main event was made. The match started with both men feeling each other out and going for their signature moves early on but to no avail.

Just as the match was clicking into high gear, the WWE made a very curious decision.

The Bar interrupted proceedings and attacked both men before being chased up the ramp. As a result, Rollins challenged the multi-time tag team champions to a match.

The pair of world champions would win and close out the show but fans in the Barclays Center were furious with the WWE’s swerve.

There was no logical reason for The Bar to attack the men and they hyped one of the biggest matches in wrestling all show long to attract viewers, only to not deliver that match.

Fans began chanting ‘AEW’ and throwing beach balls at the ring while the match transpired and it has to be considered a huge misfire from the WWE at the end of a decent show.

WWE Raw after WrestleMania: The Undertaker makes shocking return and looks in fantastic shape

9 Apr

Much has been said about The Undertaker’s future in the WWE and when he didn’t appear at his first WrestleMania since 2000 over the weekend, many fans assumed that he was done with the company.

After all, he has started taking bookings outside of the company for the first time since 1991 this year and will appear at Starrcast 2, a wrestling convention held around All Elite Wrestling’s debut show.

Undertaker confronts Elias

However, on Monday Night Raw, the Deadman made a dramatic return as Elias did a music set.

Elias had promised to punish the next person who interrupted him trying to perform as he has not been able to finish a single performance in close to six months.

After weighing up his options, Elias decided to attack ‘Taker and, as you can imagine, he got a big boot, a chokeslam and a tombstone for his troubles.

Suffice it to say, Elias did not carry out any kind of justice!

It’s hard to say what this means for the Phenom, but he’s clearly been working on his body in recent months and he has said he has lost 21 pounds.. At 53-years-old, he clearly cannot hold down a long feud or wrestle regularly, but with the Saudi Arabia show approaching in June, he will need to make some appearances to build to that.

Still, what an awesome moment for the fans in attendance and those watching at home – Undertaker never gets old!

WWE Raw after WrestleMania: Sami Zayn returns after 10 month out injured and brilliantly turns heel

9 Apr

Sami Zayn spent 10 months on the shelf after he had surgery on both of his rotator cuffs last year.

The Canadian superstar made his return to the WWE on the Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania and treated the fans to a promo at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Where does Sami Zayn fit into this year's WrestleMania?
Zayn had been out injured for 10 months

When Zayn said he felt like competing after so long out injured, he didn’t expect that Intercontinental champion Finn Balor to answer his challenge.

With the IC title on the line, the two former NXT standouts put on a decent match that saw the Irishman come out on top and retain, cleanly.

That unusual for a return, but what came next totally justified why that went down that way.

Zayn would cut a heel promo and cutting down the WWE Universe and talked about how toxic they all were, stating he didn’t miss them while he was gone.

While Kevin Owens has returned a babyface from his injury, Zayn has gone in a different direction and this excellent promo is a great way to start.

WWE Raw after WrestleMania: Dean Ambrose has final advertised WWE match ruined

9 Apr

It’s been documented for some time that Dean Ambrose would be leaving the WWE after WrestleMania 35.

After not even appearing on the Grandest Stage of Them All, Ambrose faced Bobby Lashley in his final ever WWE match on Monday Night Raw.

Ambrose is your new WWE Champion
Ambrose as the WWE Champion

After Lashley told Ambrose “Don’t worry Dean; when you’re gone, I’ll take good care of your wife,” the Lunatic Fringe went after the former Intercontinental champion.

Unfortunately, the match never got underway and instead, the two men brawled up the ramp and by the announcers’ desk.

Ambrose looked like he was going to put Lashley through the table, Lasley then speared the former Shield man and ended up putting Ambrose through the table.

The former WWE champion’s last image on WWE TV was his real-life wife Renee Young attending to him as the crowd chanted “thank you, Ambrose.”

It’s not known what Ambrose’s plans are from here or whether he even plans to talk to All Elite Wrestling. Many have speculated he just needs a break from the business and could yet return one day.