Former WWE star Wade Barrett – AKA Stu Bennett – wants REVENGE on Wayne Rooney after that slap at Raw in 2015

17 Aug

Former WWE star Wade Barrett has called out Wayne Rooney LIVE on talkSPORT, saying he wants revenge on the former England captain after THAT slap back in 2015.

Rooney was making headlines in the United States even before his move to join Major League Soccer side DC United – where he has starred since leaving Everton this summer.

Wayne Rooney has proved to be a big hit in the MLS

At a Raw event in Manchester, the ex-Man United striker went viral after he picked a fight with Bad News Barrett – laying the smackdown on the British wrestler after the pair traded trash talk at the side of the arena.

That moment sparked a bitter feud, with the former King of the Ring winner quickly vowing his revenge and telling Rooney to watch his back at Old Trafford.

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And it appears the all-star match-up could be a step closer, after Barrett – AKA Stu Bennett, who is now an executive and commentator at UK-based World of Sport Wrestling – called out Rooney on talkSPORT on Friday.

Watch the video IN FULL below!