WWE fans stunned as Seth Rollins suffers violent beatdown from Brock Lesnar on RAW – was it too much?

30 Jul

With just under two weeks until SummerSlam – usually the WWE’s second-biggest show of the year – the company had to jump things up a notch this week on RAW.

When it comes to Brock Lesnar, there is no doubt fans love the realism that only a former UFC heavyweight champion can bring.

Brock Lesnar is one of WWE’s biggest stars

While he is one of the most protected superstars in the company, Seth Rollins did convincingly and quickly defeat the Beast to capture the Universal title at WrestleMania 35.

Lesnar would then cash in his Money in the Bank contract and reclaim the belt at Extreme Rules before Seth Rollins won a 10-man battle royale the following night on RAW to earn the right for a rematch at SummerSlam.

Last night on RAW, their feud took a violent turn.

According to Dave Meltzer, this was the first RAW that really had Paul Heyman’s fingerprints all over it and he was a big influence behind this segment.

Lesnar brutalised Rollins all over the arena and some WWE fans felt that the Beast Slayer looked legitimately hurt following that onslaught.

It’s not real, but damn. That looked like it hurts!

WWE fans angry as Rey Mysterio has his face exposed after Andrade rips off sacred mask on RAW

30 Jul

Rey Mysterio competed on Raw last night for the chance to face AJ Styles for the United States title at SummerSlam in just under two weeks.

Although he impressed in the gauntlet match, ultimately, old rival Andrade would defeat him.

Rey Mysterio after winning his first ever US title
WWE Network

Following the match, Andrade ripped off Mysterio’s mask and fans were left fuming at WWE’s decision to do that.

While this is almost certainly set to kick off a feud between the Mexicans again – possibly hair Vs mask match? – fans felt that a lucha star’s mask is something sacred.


Of course, Mysterio has lost his mask once before during his WCW days. However, during his run with the WWE that has stretched back to 2002, he has never been properly demasked.

Rey Mysterio desperately tries to hide his face

Mysterio cut an interview about the incident later after RAW where he mentioned that only Eddie Guererro and Randy Orton had ever gotten Mysterio’s mask off – though you never saw his face – but Andrade was the first man to rip it.

Becky Lynch EXCLUSIVE: WWE should run Evolution II without Ronda Rousey and being ‘apprehensive’ of working with Seth Rollins

30 Jul

Becky Lynch is not only one of the top female stars in WWE, she’s one of the top stars, period.

The Man has kicked down plenty of doors in the past 12 months and after becoming the first woman to ever main event WrestleMania alongside Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair, her star has only shone brighter.

Becky Lynch consoles Seth Rollins after he loses the Universal title

One of Lynch’s milestone moments arrived when she battled Flair at the first-ever all-women’s pay-per-view, Evolution, last October.

The match was critically acclaimed, as was the entire show. And yet, WWE have not pencilled in a sequel as of yet.

Dave Meltzer has reported that WWE are hesistant to do so without having someone like Ronda Rousey as a headliner, but Lynch told talkSPORT that she would love to headline part two.

“Oh, absolutely! First and foremost, it was one of the best pay-per-views of the year. And that’s not me being biased, that’s a fact,” Lynch confidently stated. “It had Match of the Year on it, including yours truly.

Absolutely, I don’t see any reason why not. I think we have a strong enough women’s division [without Rousey], as long as they tell the stories around us and let us go. And… that’s all I’ll say.”

The closing shot of Evolution with Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey holding their titles

Lynch resisted digging into Rousey too much – for once! – or criticising the way WWE have handled the women’s division as of late. But mentioning the need to build stories around the ladies said it all.

Speaking of stories, Lynch was been embroiled in a mixed tag-team angle with real-life boyfriend Seth Rollins heading into Extreme Rules.

The former Lass Kicker says she was ‘apprehensive’ when creative pitched the idea to her, but, ultimately, working with a talent like Rollins won her over.

“Honestly, I was very apprehensive,” Lynch started. “What I didn’t want was everybody talking about the relationship. What I wanted was two bad asses, two people at the top of their game fighting side-by-side. Not for the world to be reminded every five minutes that this is Becky Lynch’s boyfriend or that’s Seth Rollins’ girlfriend. Which, of course, they didn’t do. They were the masters of subtlety…

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch are certainly a public couple now

“So, for that reason, I was apprehensive. But when I thought about it, I was like OK. One, we’re going to make this a badass fight, it’s going to be a great fight. No matter what, you know when you put me and Seth Rollins in a fight you’re going to get pure passion and we’re going to pull out all the stops. But in terms of having my relationship be the freaking be the front and centre, that’s not what I’m about. That’s not what I’ve worked towards. That’s not what I wanted.

“I wanted to work with Seth because he’s the best in the business – you know, besides me – but working with him was awesome. He really is the absolute best.”

talkSPORT caught up with Lynch ahead of SummerSlam which goes down from Toronto, Canada on August 11. You can watch it via a free trial on the WWE Network.

Brilliant video of former WWE star CM Punk taking a Stone Cold Stunner from Ben Askren during UFC training re-emerges

29 Jul

A lot of fans were surprised when CM Punk traded the very top of wrestling for the bottom rung of the UFC in 2014.

Alas, a 0-2 record later, things didn’t quite work out for The Voice of the Voiceless.

CM Punk failed to replicate his WWE success in mixed martial arts

Punk has been attracting all kinds of interest in recent weeks from All Elite Wrestling and speculation continues to persist that Punk may make a stunning comeback to wrestling.

Maybe even WWE are in the frame to tempt him back?

An old clip has emerged online in recent days that reminds fans that sometimes, just sometimes, CM Punk can manage a smile.

In preparation for his UFC debut, CM Punk was wrestling with legendary grappler Ben Askren.

Askren recently made the headlines for suffering the fastest knockout in UFC history at the hands of Jorge Masvidal.

However, on this occasion, Askren was able to deliver a Stone Cold Stunner on Punk mid-grapple. It really is impressive.

WWE and AEW news: AJ Styles’ SummerSlam match leaked, Finn Balor sick and who will CM Punk choose?

29 Jul

With wrestling fans reverting back to a regular RAW tonight, it will be interesting to see if WWE can hold last week’s numbers and how they begin their build to SummerSlam that is just 13 days away.

Let’s dig into the best bits of news floating around the industry:

Vince McMahon & Triple H with Stephanie McMahon all run WWE
Muscle & Fitness

SummerSlam matches planned

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, AJ Styles Vs Ricochet is planned for SummerSlam, presumably for the United States titles.

Shinsuke Nakamura is also scheduled to work with Ali moving forward over the Intercontinental title, but it is not certain that will be on the card in Toronto, Canada.

AJ Styles turned on Ricochet during Raw

Finn Balor struggling

The Irishman posted a picture of himself hooked up to fluids and that’s because the 38-year-old has been struggling with stomach flu.

He was forced to miss the WWE Network special Smackville as a result and it’s not sure if he will appear on SmackDown this week as advertised. He is currently feuding with Bray Wyatt.

Multiple WWE stars leap to the defence of Renee Young

A few WWE fans trashed Renee Young on Twitter for how she performs a commentator on Monday Night Raw and how she responded.

The likes of Natalya, Seth Rollins, Karl Anderson, Nikki Cross, Peyton Royce and Kurt Angle all had something to say.

CM Punk return doubtful

With Cody Rhodes and CM Punk talking about AEW negotiations lately and WWE rumours inevitably swirling, Dave Meltzer has poured doubt on any prospect of Punk making a return to wrestling.

In fact, Meltzer says all signs point to Punk being done with wrestling.

CM Punk delivering his pipebomb promo

The Rock posts footage of Roman Reigns nearly seriously hurting a cameraman on the set of Hobbs and Shaw

29 Jul

Roman Reigns is set to make his big screen debut in The Rock’s upcoming action thriller, Hobbs and Shaw.

This movie is a spin-off from the Fast and Furious franchise and Reigns, The Rock’s real-life cousin, plays his brother.

Roman Reigns will make his film debut alongside The Rock

The Rock is a 10-time world champion in WWE and one of the greatest superstars of all-time, certainly the biggest star, at least.

Over the past 15 years, though, The Rock has made his name in Hollywood and in 2018, only George Clooney earned more in Hollywood than him.

The Great One posted on Instagram today to share a funny story about Roman Reigns on the set of Hobbs and Shaw and it was a mistake that very nearly went horribly wrong.

As you can see from the clip below, Reigns throws a heavy club directly at a cameraman and everyone fears the worst. The video has 16 million views already!

That’s one hard cameraman! He shook it off without any worry at all. He no-sold it, a wrestling fan might say.

Reigns is on the road to SummerSlam and has no clear matchup at the moment. There is no doubt he will be in one of the featured bouts, though.

Hobbs and Shaw is in cinemas on August 1.

AJ Styles joins Seth Rollins in slamming wrestling fans for constantly criticising WWE

29 Jul

WWE fans are some of the harshest critics in the world and barely a week goes by without some strong words said about the product online.

Lately, WWE superstars have finally found their voice and have lept to the defence of the company. Chief among the defenders is Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins stands opposite AJ Styles with his Universal title
WWE Network

After a few exchanges on Twitter, Rollins has even come in for criticism for defending the company from criticism! A vicious cycle if there ever was one.

However, he has found some support in the form of his opponent at Raw Reunion, AJ Styles.

The two-time WWE champion totally understands where Rollins is coming from and in an interview with SportingNews.com, The Phenomenal One talked about how fans like to give an entitled opinion.

“I totally understand where he’s [Rollins] coming from,” he began.

“We’re out there doing trying our best to entertain everyone to the best of our ability. It’s not easy to do that and then you want to be arm-chair quarterbacks. Hindsight sucks. Everybody wants to do that. You can’t do that.”

AJ Styles moved to Raw in the Superstar Shakeup last April

“If they were so good at what they’ve done, and I know you’ve heard this before, if these guys who want to criticise wrestling were so good at what they do, they’d have a job in the wrestling business. But they don’t. They rely on what someone else has said and whether or not they agree with that.

“They pick and choose what they like. You can’t do that. Either you enjoy it or you don’t. Regardless, you’re making a show about it weekly, so something must be going right. Somebody is doing something right.

“We want to entertain. We want to do our best, so it’s aggravating when not only do we know some things don’t go the way that we like, then we have to hear it from somebody else.”

Wrestling news: Why Hangman Adam Page picked AEW over WWE, news on The Rock returning to SmackDown, plans for Daniel Bryan

28 Jul

As we rapidly approach one of the biggest months of the calander year in wrestling, both companies are trying to position themselves the best they can with huge shows on the horizon.

Below, we have the latest news from around the wrestling business:

Cody Rhodes and Tony Khan stand alongside new AEW producer, Dean Malenko (middle)
Twitter @codyrhodes

Adam Page on picking AEW over WWE

“I’d like say it was difficult so it would look like I’m level-headed and played my options well but, at some point, you feel like you’ve made it far enough in your career and you feel financially stable enough that, maybe money isn’t the most important thing.

“With All Elite, I felt that I had the opportunity to do something huge for my career and just to have fun with my friends and provide something for a ton of other guys, who, this kind of exposure would not have existed without us committing to it. It was something we decided to do together. It was an easy decision.”

Hangman Adam Page in ROH

No Evolution II

Dave Meltzer is reporting that WWE have not considered running a second all-women’s pay-per-view because they do not believe it would be successful without Ronda Rousey.

Rousey and Nikki Bella main evented last time out and the event was commercially successful.

The Rock on SmackDown Live

The Wrestling Observer says the WWE are attempting to make a deal with The Rock to have him appear live and in person on SmackDown when it debuts on FOX.

While talks are ongoing, no deal has been agreed as of yet.

Hulk Hogan, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania 30

Daniel Bryan set for renewed push

Tom Colohue of Sportskeeda has said that WWE has big plans for Bryan in the coming months.

“Both Eric Bischoff and FOX are reportedly big fans of Daniel Bryan’s current heel gimmick and FOX is believed to have encouraged this move given the negative reactions to Bryan’s fight to save the planet.”

The New Daniel Bryan
The New Daniel Bryan as WWE champ

WWE want the original NWO of Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash to headline the 2020 Hall of Fame Class

28 Jul

There are plenty of notable absences from the WWE Hall of Fame and speculation runs rampant every year as to which deserving legend will get the accolade.

One thing that the WWE has begun concentrating on lately is including teams into the Hall of Fame.

Vince McMahon could be leaving the PG era behind

Names like D-Generation-X, The Hart Foundation and The Four Horseman have all gotten the nod, but who is next?

According to PW Insider, the NWO could be in line to be inducted in Tampa.
“It’s Tampa, which is Hulk Hogan country, so perhaps the NWO makes sense. I haven’t heard any definite names at this juncture,” Mike Johnson of PW Insider said.

While there were dozens of members over the course of the group’s existence, the induction would feature the founding members of Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan.

The NWO originally featured Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall

All three men are already Hall of Famers in their own right, but the NWO faction certainly deserves recognition for kicking off the hottest period in the history of the business. No question.

The NWO formed in 1996 at Bash at the Beach and it was the first time in Hogan’s career that he would turn heel.

That sent shockwaves through the industry and helped WCW overtake WWE in the ratings for 83 consecutive weeks.

Of course, the WWE would eventually buy WCW in 2001 and NWO would have a brief run in the company in 2002.

Cody Rhodes responds to CM Punk’s comments about AEW negotiations and says ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if he went back to WWE’

28 Jul

With All Elite Wrestling’s All Out approaching at the end of August and their weekly TV show following in October, they’re gaining more attention than ever.

There is no doubt that AEW has made a strong start to life as a major wrestling promotion and all of their shows thus far would be viewed as qualified successes.

CM Punk was a huge star at the turn of this decade

One man that keeps getting linked to the company, though, is CM Punk.

The 40-year-old was one of the biggest stars the business had seen in recent years during the height of his WWE run between 2010-2014.

However, after becoming frustrated with working in WWE and alleged claims they weren’t taking care of him from a medical standpoint, he departed the company and embarked on an unlikely MMA career with UFC.

Now, after going 0-2, many fans feel it’s the perfect time for Punk to return to the ring and finish off his career in the squared circle.

Speaking to ESPN, Punk said that he had received an offer from vice president Cody Rhodes via text and he didn’t seem over the moon about it.

All Elite Wrestling fronted by Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks

“The last thing I got — I got a text from Cody [Rhodes]. And again, I almost don’t even know how to reply to them sometimes, because if I reply, they do interviews and are like, “Oh yeah, I just talked to Punk.” I’m kind of damned if I do, damned if I don’t. I always think if somebody wants to do business with me, they can come talk to me. Texting offers isn’t really a way to do good business, at least.”

Now, Cody has responded to Punk’s comments and he even speculates that the Chicago-native may return to WWE.

“I think he was misquoted. I know one of us had met with him in person, and yes I texted him plenty when we couldn’t connect on the actual phone, but not a contracted offer. I wouldn’t be surprised if he went back to WWE. Regardless, great wrestler and guy. Door is open if he wants it.”