There is nothing better than having a walk in the great outdoors.
There is so much on offer in mother nature’s larder “the hedgerow”, we will inform you with all of the goodies that you can forage from the countryside, from mushrooms to berry’s and nuts to herbs.
Also have a look at the Sharpeze country diary so you know when mother natures produce is ready for picking.
Please Note:
Do not eat any wild produce unless you are 100% sure it is edible !

August and September is the time for you to collect blackberrys from the hedgerow.

They are easy to freeze so you can have fantastic apple and blackberry pies and crumbles through out the year.

October and early November is the time for picking and collecting sweat chestnuts, these are fantastic if you have a evening with friends sitting around the fire pit or BBQ roasting chestnuts with a glass of wine this will get you in the Christmas spirit, you can also cook them indoors in a open fire or log burner.
Just make sure you pierce the shell so they do not explode while cooking.

Mushrooms are also collected in the autumn in October and November.
From the fields and the woodland.
It is a great excuse to get out for a woodland walk with family and friends and get some fresh air as well as putting some fantastic free food on the table.
Please make sure you only eat the mushrooms that you are a 100% sure that they are an edible variety if you are unsure we will suggest you purchase the book below!!