Journalist HITS BACK at Simon Jordan after ex-Crystal Palace chairman’s passionate rant against the British press on talkSPORT

30 Aug

Football writer Neil Custis has hit back at former Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan after his passionate rant against the British media on talkSPORT.

Following Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho’s demand to be shown more respect by the press, Jordan said on air on Wednesday that it’s time journalists are ‘put back in their box’.

Jose Mourinho demanding more ‘respect’ from the press following United’s 3-0 defeat to Spurs

The former Selhurst Park chief accused ‘certain journalists and certain segments of the media’ of having an agenda, and questioned the opinions of many writers given their apparent lack of direct experience in football management.

His tirade continued on social media after the show, exchanging words with Custis, Manchester United and Manchester City correspondent for The Sun, on Twitter.

Custis joined the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast on Thursday to defend his profession, branding Jordan’s comments as ‘absolute nonsense’.

“It’s drivel, I’ve never heard anything like it in my life,” the football writer told talkSPORT.

“So, because you’re not a player, or a chairman who has been in charge of a club that has gone into administration, you’re not allowed an opinion?

“To say that we create news and make our opinions into fact is absolute nonsense and is insulting.

“To say we wake up with an agenda – I don’t wake up with an agenda!

“I wake up to report on Manchester United which I have done for about 20 years, so I might know more about what’s going on at that football club than he does.

“He says we should have sat in there for two hours with Jose Mourinho – I would have loved to sit in there for two hours with Jose Mourinho, rather than the 20 minutes we get every Friday, which has actually now reducing to about six or seven minutes.

Simon Jordan was chairman of Crystal Palace for ten years, leaving when the club entered administration in 2010

“He says he has an educated point of view, but he hasn’t got an educated point of view. Yes, he was a chairman, but our job is completely different to being a footballer or a chairman.

“We’re reflecting what’s going on at football clubs, we try to find out what goes on at football clubs, we are the intermediary between the club and the fans.

“The questions that were asked of Jose Mourinho the other night were totally respectful and about the result and the reaction of the fans, many of whom had left the ground.

“For him to come out with this absolutely bilge is unbelievable.

“He’s tried to claim now that he’s part of the media – he’s not part of the media, he just sits in front of a microphone and just barfs off.

Ex-Chelsea and Real Madrid boss Mourinho has had a prickly relationship with the media in England and Spain

“Supporters have opinions, everybody has an opinion in football, the reason talkSPORT exists is because people have opinions on football.

“So why aren’t we allowed opinions as well? We have trained as journalists and that’s what doing as a job – we watch football and we analyse.

“The other idiotic thing he came out with was, ‘they only know what other people tell them’, but isn’t that the whole idea of journalism?

“We talk to people, we ask people questions about football and we inform the fans about what’s happening at their football club.”

Listen to Neil Custis’ reply to Simon Jordan on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast IN FULL above