KSI reveals his fight with Logan Paul sold over 1,000,000 pay-per-view buys, but dismisses excessive earnings reports

28 Aug

YouTuber/Boxer KSI has exclusively told talkSPORT that his fight with Logan Paul registered over 1,000,000 pay-per-view buys.

The bout officially ended in a majority draw on Saturday night as the two YouTubers couldn’t be separated after their six-round contest.

KSI has over 19 million YouTube subscribers and 4 billion video views

Reports had initially suggested the fight was sold to 800,000 people, as this was the number reported on YouTube during the fight, however he insisted it in fact did significantly more than that.

“It’s over a mil,” KSI told Hawksbee and Jacobs on Tuesday.

“Over 950,000 on YouTube and then 100,000+ on another website [which was also used to distribute the fight].”

When quizzed about reports that he and his adversary had both made upwards of £40m for the fight, the 25-year-old also clarified that this was inaccurate.

“It’s definitely not right, that’s ridiculous that amount,” he said with a chuckle.

“I mean obviously it’s a high amount, but it’s nowhere near £40m.”

Logan Paul has over 18 million YouTube subscribers and just under 4 billion video views

Reflecting on the event as a whole, KSI (full name Olajide Olatunji) stated that he was still in disbelief at how far he had come in life.

Since originally starting out making humorous YouTube videos about FIFA from his bedroom as a teenager, the Watford man has now become an internet sensation and is able to bring his audience over to an entirely new genre.

“Ten years ago when I started this whole YouTube thing I never thought I’d be in a ring, especially at Manchester Arena in front of thousands there live and millions around the world.

“If someone had told me that ten years ago, I’d have told them they’re smoking something.”

The pair are already signed up for a rematch, though KSI has stated that he intends to push back the date their second fight.