Rangers news: Former boss Mark Warburton does NOT regret banishing Joey Barton during his time in charge

28 Aug

Mark Warburton does not regret banishing Joey Barton during his controversial time at Rangers.

Warburton was in charge of the Scottish club when a humiliating 5-1 defeat to Celtic led to a fiery post-match confrontation with Barton.

Warburton left Rangers in February 2017

The midfielder never played for Rangers again as the club eventually terminated his contract and he admitted some of the words he used ‘overstepped the mark’.

Speaking exclusively to Jim White, Warburton stands by his actions and maintains that Barton’s behaviour was unacceptable.

Mark Warburton learned of his Rangers ‘resignation’ on TV

He said: “I haven’t spoken to Joey since. I did what was right for the squad of players. I felt Joey’s behaviour on that day was inappropriate and crossed a very important line.

“Joey’s got opinions, he will defend his corner and he will speak his mind.

Barton never played for Rangers again following the incident

“I would’ve acted the same if it happened again. You have to take the right stance which you believe in.

“Timing is important in football. Don’t forget our season, up until Christmas, coincided with Celtic having the best season in their history.

“Joey’s a winner, and of course he came up to help Rangers win the title, we all wanted to do that. But we also said it will take time.

“He did make a few very outspoken comments. Maybe some thought could’ve been given to that.”