Vintage Kitchen Equipment

Please find below a selection of vintage cooking equipment and display items from france and the UK.
These items are all for sale by us on are online shop.


Here we have some fantastic Copper Cookware, 5 Vintage Copper Pots, French Copper Saucepans, VILLEDIEU Copper, Copper Pans, Tin Lined, Stamped Copper 2mm plus
This is a vintage set of thick, tin lined copper saucepans with Iron handles, each pan is stamped “LIECELLIER VILLEDIEU and numbered size” and is made in France. These high quality French made copper pans are amazing for daily kitchen culinary use or professional heavy duty use.
The interior is tin lined the traditional way with a rustic hand chiffon wipe finish.
The hand chiffon wipe finish is still the traditional way of tinning today by talented copper craftsman, and when it is done in the “rules of the art”, like this set, which have a slight wiped effect in places, which is totally flat, no bumps or bubbles with a clean shiny rustic finish. This charming set of 5 pans is vintage and vintage is never perfect, there are minimal surface scratches or imperfections. In time with use, the tin lining can become dull and dark in places which is perfectly normal as this is a natural reaction with heated liquids, this has no alteration on the quality or security of the tin linings
There are no dents or major scratches or repairs.
These stunning copper pan set will bring authentic French style to your professional, modern or country cottage décor.
Ideal and ready to use, this copper set will make a wonderful display piece when you’re not using them, hung from a shelf, Kitchen hooks or a pot rack, these pans are your perfect daily cooking saucepans. An exquisite, timeless set of vintage copper “VILLEDIEU” saucepans for your professional kitchen, to offer or to treat yourself !French copper pans / pots, 5 Vintage Copper Pots, French Copper Saucepans, VILLEDIEU Copper, Copper Pans, Stamped Copper 


Here we have for sale a large heavy French Copper Stock pot with lid from the late 1800s. Could do with a good polish but makes a great addition to a farmhouse / vintage French style kitchen . The size is 240mm diameter and 290 mm high with lid on and it weight is 4Kg. Vintage French Copper Stock Pot 19thC Copper pan farmhouse kitchen Stew pot Soap pot antique copper from France Kitchenware 


Here we have for sale a vintage French Aluminium Waffle Iron. The makers mark is s.e.f.a.m.a. made in France. The Aluminium double iron section is 12cm x 20.5 cm length with handles is 33 cm.Vintage French Aluminium Waffle Iron



Here we have for sale a lovely little French Copper pouring Pan with spout that can be used for jams, Toffees , milk and all other sauces. This Copper pan has an Iron handle and steel lined. The size of the pan is 11 cm diameter and 8cm high. The pan is marked Fabrication Francaise and a map of France. Vintage French Copper Pouring Pan with spout for Jams , Toffees and Sauces.


French shabby chic enamel colander great item for the country kitchen. There is some damage to the enamel please look at photos  French enamel strainer / colander


Here I have for sale a French enamel wall hanging jug that holds 2 litres, Back in the day these were used for holding oils like Olive oil or walnut oil and there would of been a small tap on the bottom outlet. French enamel reservoir for Olive oil