A Climber and a Hunter Find Common Ground

16 Jul

Filmed in the New River Gorge area of West Virginia, this Fat Tire video explores the dichotomy of two young athletes: Allie, a female bow hunter from the countryside, and Mikhail, a city-dwelling rock climber. Though skeptical of one another's sports, each teaches the other the intricacies of their favorite outdoor pursuit, and in doing so, they discover a shared commonality—disrupting convention in their respective sports. 


Why Jeremy Jones Lives in California

5 Jul

The 'Out of Bounds' crew makes a stop at Jeremy Jones’s beautiful home mountain in Lake Tahoe, California. Jones and director Caspar Mazzotti talk about everything California has to offer and the green-mountain initiatives of Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows.

A Hypnotic Film About Sleep

5 Jul

Hypnopompia is a dreamlike drone video from Eaglewood Films that features Latvia's mires, a landscape that's constantly wet or damp. The title refers to the state of consciousness coming out of sleep, and it could be one of our new favorite terms.

‘People of Water’

3 Jul

People of Water, set in Colorado and Hawaii, profiles Rob Prechtl and the U.S. Men’s Rafting team as they train in a new-to-them discipline of paddling—outrigger canoe racing. Legendary boat builders Bobby and Johnny Puakea teach these "boys from Colorado" not only the skill but the spirit they need to succeed in the craft. Driving the narrative are Prechtl's inner anxieties and lack of self-confidence as a "water person." From director Forest Woodward, Gnarly Bay Productions, and Chaco, this film will leave you seeking out your next adventure—and it just might be on the shores of Hawaii.

How Bhutan Went Carbon-Negative

2 Jul

In this intimate portrait of environmentalist Sonam Phuntsho, filmmaker Matthew Firpo shows how Bhutan is the worldwide leader in environmental stewardship, with over 60 percent of its territory still forested. The Kingdom follows Phuntsho as he plants a new tree in the forest, one of more than 100,000 trees he's fostered throughout his life. 

How to Drive Off-Road

1 Jul

Never driven off-road before? Here, Siler walks through the basics in his go-to truck: a 1998 Toyota 4Runner that, even with a bunch of nice upgrades, only cost $10,000